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ICly, canon updates are handled as though you dropped the character and them reapplied them from the later canon point; after the update is approved, the character will disappear from Sirocco for a length of time of your choosing (somewhere between a day and a week is recommended). When they reappear, it will be to a new room assignment at the Suites... And a second ambush from a god.

From here you have three options: characters can retain all their previously regained memories and the memories of their time in Sirocco, losing only the new memories gained from the canon update; characters can retain their previously regained memories, but lose the memories of Sirocco in addition to the canon update memories; or characters may once again lose all of their memories. Please note that in the latter two cases, memories of their previous time in Sirocco will be part of the character's regains.

You may canon update at any time you choose; there's no minimum time or memory requirement.

To request a canon update, please fill out the following form.

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The gods of Sirocco are mysterious creatures and, perhaps, somewhat disingenuously named--certainly nobody worships them, and they don't seem to be concerned very much with Sirocco and its inhabitants--but at the same time, it would also be disingenuous to group them in with the regular monsters that roam the wilderness outside Sirocco, so gods it is.

The gods are responsible for the memory loss the characters in Anemoi experience; when characters first arrive, it is with memories fully intact, until they are attacked and knocked out by one the gods, after which they wake up without their memories--including that of the encounter with the god. Why the gods attack the characters like this is unknown. What the gods are is a little clearer: unique, powerful monsters from the various canons represented in Anemoi.

So why do the gods attack characters when they first come in? Is there even a reason for it?
There is a specific reason the gods attack characters for their memories, though, no, we're not sharing what it is right now. If you're wondering what their motivation is a more general sense, I can tell you that it's not malicious, but neither is it particularly benign.

Is there a reason for a specific god to attack a character?
Not particularly! You can choose which god attacked your character based on whatever criteria you want, including randomly. ICly all it comes down to is which one happened to spot your character first.

What qualifications do gods have to meet?
Gods must be:
  1. Unique. Unique enough to have its own name, at the very least, so something like a dungeon's mid-boss that's only a powered up version of a normal enemy, while powerful and monstrous, still wouldn't qualify.

  2. Powerful. Exactly how powerful is flexible. Gods should be more powerful than more common monsters from your canon, but they don't have to be the most powerful monster in your canon, either. Articuno is just as qualified for godhood as Arceus, or would be if we ever had characters from those generations of Pokemon.

  3. Monstrous. Again, this is a flexible point, but what it really comes down to is this: if you would describe it as an important character in the story, it can't be a god.

  4. Reasonably sized. The gods are pretty difficult to find out there, and if you can see it from 3 miles off, then, well....

These are more general guidelines than hard-and-fast rules, and if you feel you’ve got a potential god in mind but they don’t meet the exact specifications, talk to a mod about it and we’ll give you a ruling.

So something that's a god in canon?
Is not necessarily a god here in Anemoi, no. Like I said, somewhat disingenuously named.

Ok, I think I've got a clear idea for gods from my canon. What information do you need to add them to the list?
At minimum, just a name will do. Some kind of wiki link would be great, because we may use gods as event fodder, but if there isn't one available, don't sweat it.

And where do I share this information?
Right here on this post!

What's the deal with Doomtrain?
Excellent question! He seems to be just like the other gods, except he doesn't seem to have taken anybody's memories.

Here is a list of gods currently in Anemoi, organized by canon; listed dates are when the god first appeared in Sirocco, so you can be sure to choose a god that appeared before your character did rather than after.

Alive: The Final Evolution: The Ghost/Mitama (Dec. 23rd, 2011)
Cave Story: Ballos (March 13th, 2012)
CLAMP: Mokona (Magic Knight Rayearth version) (Sept. 22nd, 2011)
Danny Phantom: Clockwork (Sept. 22nd, 2011)
DC Comics: Doomsday (Sept. 25th, 2011)
Disgaea: Baal (Sep. 22nd, 2011)
Final Fantasy IV: Eidolons (Oct. 1st, 2011)
Final Fantasy VI: Espers, Warring Triad (Oct. 16th, 2011)
Final Fantasy VIII: Guardian Forces (Oct. 18th, 2011)
Homestuck: Andrew Hussie, Becquerel, God Cat (Oct. 13th, 2011)
Mass Effect: Harbinger (Mar. 23rd, 2012)
Nasuverse: Kinoko Nasu (Sep. 23rd, 2011)
Pokemon: Celebi, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza (Sept. 24th, 2011)
Ravenloft: The Dark Powers, Ravenloft's gods (Jan. 3rd, 2012)
Scion Roleplaying Game: Okeanus/Ophion (May 6th, 2012)
Touhou: Anything not listed under "Touhou Project" or "Seihou Project" (Jan. 11th, 2012)
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  • "Villain" is not a term that needs to be taken literally: you could play a heroic character in one of these slots if they'd be too antagonistic to play normally, and conversely, you can app an antagonist as a normal character, even if they continue to be antagonistic--this system is designed to make it possible to play villains who wouldn't fit as a normal character in this setting, not to limit the amount of villainous characters overall.

  • Villains are exempt from memory loss. Through either cunning or, more likely, sheer narrative convenience dumb luck, they have evaded attack by the gods that steal everyone else's memories. In lieu of being brought to the lab, they are instead located by the Sirocco Operation Society, a small, independent group of Sirocco's citizens who are dissatisfied with how things are currently run, and brought to a small base located on Sirocco's outskirts. These are your mooks/lackeys/etc. and villain characters are free to NPC or ignore them as they wish.

  • Alternatively, it's possible that the SOS saved the villain mid-attack by a god, leaving them with partial memory loss, if that's how you’d rather play it. The SOS has a mole among the lab scientists, so villains can still get anemoi processed.

  • The SOS have "liberated" a few smartphones from the labs, so you can choose whether or not your villain character can have one.

  • Villain slots are limited to three in the game at once and one villain per player. Villains do not count against your character limit, meaning you can play a maximum of six characters: five normal characters and one villain.

  • Villain apps are processed on a first-come-first-serve basis. However, you may reserve a villain slot.

  • Villains have their own app form; this can be found on the app page.

  • Activity will be much more lenient for villains than for normal characters: a villain must go three cycles in a row (that's six weeks) without showing any Adequate Presence before they earn Warned status. What constitutes Adequate Presence is determined on a case-by-case basis: only two well-placed comments might be enough for a manipulative schemer, but it wouldn't fly for a character meant to be a regular nuisance. As a general rule of thumb, if it affects the other characters in the game (even if it's only annoying them a little), it counts as Adequate Presence.

  • If a villain fails to show Adequate Presence for a fourth cycle after being Warned, they will be dropped from the game and the slot reopened.

  • A villain character can be converted into a normal character if the player so chooses--simply discuss it with a mod, and once you have permission, the character will be attacked by one of the gods and lose their memories. Keep in mind, the things they eventually remember will include their time as a villain character.

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This will be a collection of the represented canons in Anemoi. For those able to contribute to the bestiary, wikis and other such links are provided by players in order to have the closest thing to a comprehensive listing of the creatures found in the game. Post your links here!

As a note, if your canon is part of a larger series, do your best to restrict the link to only your canon - for instance, creatures in Final Fantasy IV alone, not the entirety of Final Fantasy. Things along the lines of summon creatures and legendary pokemon will not appear.

If a canon is under temporary, the character listed must remain in the game until the date listed to move to permanent.

Alive: The Final Evolution
Ao Oni
Axis Powers Hetalia
Danny Phantom
DC Comics
Disgaea 2
Disgaea 4
Fallout 3
Fate/Hollow Ataraxia
Fate/Stay Night
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VIII
Fire Emblem - Elibe
Fire Emblem - Tellius
Generator Rex
Guilty Gear
Haruhi Suzumiya
Katawa Shoujo
Kung-Fu Panda
Pokemon - Hoenn Region
Ranma 1/2
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
Super Robot Wars
Tales of Rebirth
Tiger & Bunny
Trauma Center
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Cave Story ([personal profile] misery_hates_company, June 12th)
DC Animated Universe ([personal profile] notfunnyifyouexplainit, June 19th)
Dracon Alpha ([personal profile] i_see_dead_dragons, August 16th)
Mass Effect ([personal profile] very_model_of, June 23rd)
Phantom Brave ([personal profile] bravegreen, June 16th)
Scion: Roleplaying Game ([personal profile] halfgod_allego, August 6th)


Sep. 24th, 2011 09:40 pm
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This is a list of changes that are brought into play by item requests and technological inventions that could affect your character. To request your own items or mention what your character could invent, go here.

If there is a name and date after the item, the character must remain active until that date for it to become a permanent fixture, else it will disappear when the character drops. If there is no date and name, it is a permanent fixture.

Alchemiter Station
This complicated looking device is used to combine objects to make new objects via a complicated process of punchcard alchemy. To create something via punchcard alchemy, you need a couple things. You need the object's captchalogue code, which only homestuck characters can get (though once gotten anyone can use it.) and you need "Build Grist," which can only be collected by slaying monsters from the homestuck universe. Item costs will be inflated on Anemoi, so this device will be used sparingly.

What happens when two or more people with a strong relationship work together? In Final Fantasy IV, this is restricted to Palom and Porom's Twincast, where effects much stronger than Black Magic or White Magic alone become possible through their combined magic. In the sequel, this is expanded to any characters with a strong connection. Think of these as the combo techs from Chrono Trigger, for those who know that game. To give examples, it can be anything as simple as A Little Black Magic, where Palom and his not-girlfriend combine their Black Magic to cast a Fira spell instead of Fire, or something insanely bizarre like Palom in the Sky, where Luca uses 'Throw' and Leonora uses 'Thundaga' on Palom, sending him careening into an enemy like a massive electric bullet. Porom finishes this one off with 'Curaga' so Palom isn't murdered horribly by this flagrant abuse of his body.

Any magic system or supernatural technique introduced could be worked into Bands.

El Amor De La Pasion Del Amor - Rex Salazar, June 20th
A telenovela, available on television and the phones to stream/buy.

Elibean Magic
Elibean Magic drills down to three types. Anima Magic involves using spirits to cast elemental spells. Holy Magic involves faith in Elimine (or any higher power) to cast light magic. Elder, or Dark Magic, invites the forces of darkness into a person to cast. Elder is much more taboo if not completely frowned upon, and should be harder to find. Any character is able to cast with a bit of training and the proper tome.

Guilty Gear Magic
With the use of incantations, a character could tap into the "programming code of reality" (game's terminology, not mine) and rewrite a line to produce magic. Magic comes in six predominant elements: fire, water, earth, wind, lightning, and ki. Anyone who knows the incantations could perform magic. While characters do have affinities, the ability to perform magic is not an innate one -- it's more like being more talented at playing a woodwind instrument than playing a string instrument. You'd be better playing a woodwind, but you'd still need to learn how. Fire is the easiest element to master, and lightning is the most difficult.

Item World
Through some EXTREMELY HANDWAVED process, people can metaphysically enter objects, being met with a massive sprawling dungeonesque world filled with floating islands, monsters, treasure and teleporters. It's a very dangerous place, but the further into it one explores and battles, the more powerful the item they're in becomes when they leave. Swords cut better, armor blocks better, coffee makers make better coffee. Anything much bigger than that isn't eligible for item worlding. Escaping can be done every 10 floors, or by using a Mr. Gency's Exit (acquired once every 10 floors).

Lots of training opportunities, people get more badass stuff. Random bonus rooms leading to surreal encounters and possibly getting laid. There's a special rare Mystery Room that sells an anemoi to characters for a large amount of HL, obtained in and spendable only in Item World. This would mainly be a bonus for several days worth of hard training or its equivalent in making more awesome stuff.

Magic Scrolls - Rudolph van Richten, June 20th
Parchments that have a strange texture to them - on the scroll itself is the actual spell written with useful diagrams of how to activate the magic. Once used, the scroll crumbles into dust. Scrolls can be found in ruins or given as rewards for quests. Characters naturally gifted in magic can cast magic from the scrolls naturally without a drain on their energy, those who cannot could study the scrolls to figure out how to trick it into thinking the non-magic user is a mage, but if one isn't careful - the spell fires on the user.

Here is a list of spells that can be found on scrolls. Exceptions are teleportation spells and anything over Level 6. Summoning spells will only summon evil versions of monsters.

Phantom Brave Fighting System - Marona, June 26th
From basic weaponry like swords and axes to mundane items like vases and loaves of bread, they all have special attacks that can be utilized by anyone. An incomplete list is here. The skills themselves can only be used when the character means to, so nobody goes around poisoning others with bread by mistake. Items usually start out with one or three skills unlocked, but more can be unlocked by using the Item World with one skill every ten levels.

The Phantom Zone
A prison sub-dimension and all-around Terrible Place, only accessible through use of a Phantom Zone Projector, one of which just so happens to be built into the Supernova costume. Supernova's teleportation powers are actually just taking a shortcut through the Phantom Zone.

Lab scientists have reverse-engineered it to a degree, allowing for a full range of motion out from the lab, and portable one-shot devices for teleportation back.

A mid-sized machine that will heal Pokémon while in their pokéballs.

Red Flowers - Misery, September 4th
Simple red flowers that can be found growing around various areas of the game world. The flowers, by themselves, can't do much. They only carry an effect if eaten by Mimigas, who become hulking, demented monsters as a result. However, the flowers can, with sufficient research, be utilized as a similar mutagen on other living beings.

Spellcard System
Spellcards are a deck of cards with runes and patterns. Generally unique to each user, but some people have been known to steal them and use them in their own attack patterns. For people who have an aesthetic, hobby-based interest in magic casting, or who simply want to duel without worrying about possible side effects like death, the spell card can be used as a form of combat between two or more magic or psychic wielders. Users design their own cards, with the primary focus being less on destructive power and more on complex design and imagery. Although making it harder for your opponent to dodge without cheating outright is a plus. Each card can only be used once per duel; the first person to either run out of cards or get knocked out of the battle and otherwise incapacitated loses.

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Welcome to Anemoi, and thanks for apping! Here's a list of what to do to get things ready for the game!

  • Reply to the Taken Character page with your character, fandom, and your own name.

  • Join [community profile] anemoi and [community profile] anemoi_ooc.

  • Subscribe to [personal profile] anemoisity.

  • If you are completely new to the game, also leave your contact info here on the Player Contact page. That will make it easier for other people to contact you for game related plotting.

  • Introduce yourself and your character on the OOC comm.

Optionally, you may also:

New characters can arrive anywhere in or around the city of Sirocco. For ease of intro posts and so five people don't have to explain the premise at once, you can assume the following things happen to your character before your first post.

  • Discovered within five minutes of arrival and quick explanation of what's happened

  • Taken to the lab, where a more thorough explanation is given

  • Appointed as a government employee, receiving an ID, smartphone of your choice, and housing information.

While we would like you to follow these guidelines, they are not hard rules at the moment.
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Any ideas on how to handle the game? Perhaps a new location you'd like to see? Ideas for an event? If you've got an idea, you can bet that I want to hear it. Post away!
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In the event you need to contact a mod, here is the information you will need in order to get in touch with one! Use one of these methods or post here.

Name: AF
DW: [personal profile] hotandcoldaf
Email: anemoisity at gmail dot com~, decepticonaf at aol dot com~
AIM: DecepticonAF
Plurk: [ profile] hotandcoldaf

Name: Foxfire
DW: [personal profile] alopex_plasma
Email: anemoisity at gmail dot com~, foxfire at fastermac dot net~
AIM: AlopexPlasma
Plurk: [ profile] madarfoxfire
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Each character is allowed an item from their homeworld. Each item is reviewed by a mod on a case by case basis and can be turned down for any reason. These items can be anything from a non-hostile creature to generic items to new technology to a natural phenomenon. Items do not have to be redeemed immediately, or at all.

Characters arrive in-game with everything they would have on their person - these things do not have to be requested.

If a character drops within three months of apping, any item brought in will be removed. After three months, if your character is still in the game, they may request another item.

Alternatively, if your character possesses the know-how to create a piece of technology or magic, post that here along with a barebones ingredient list of what's needed. If it needs something that doesn't yet exist in the game, it'll be put on hold until we work out a way to fit that last part in.

Also, if an item would be on your character's person when they were brought in, then consider it with them. So something that they would always have on them, they have. They just won't know what the meaning of the items until they remember it.

Please note: If your character can use magic, you do not need to request it! As soon as they remember about their magic and the spells themselves, they will be able to cast it.


Sep. 13th, 2011 09:53 pm
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The continent of Marin currently has one known location.

Memoria Arx Sirocco
Sirocco is a modern-day city located on a peninsula inside a harbor. The majority of the urban city is located on the peninsula, with a developing city on the other end of the harbor. Suburbs surround both city areas. The peninsula itself is shaped like a whale with strange elevations. At water level, the ground is mostly flat or barely sloped at all. A few blocks in from the water, the ground slopes up sharply, the roads being varying degrees of steep, quickly reaching roughly 50 meters above sea level. The rest of the peninsula is a plateau from there; it has the occasional small hill, but nothing compared to the sharp divide between the city and the waterfront.

The most notable feature is the last large hill in the center of the city. Displaying the same sharp divide between the city and the waterfront, the hill rises to offer a view of the entire city from its highest point. At the top of the hill is the star-shaped fortress commonly referred to as The Lab. Originally an old military installation, the fortress has been repurposed into a scientific lab, with most studies focusing on the anemoi. Ermis Suites, the hotel that has been repurposed as temporary free housing for newcomers, is a few blocks away from the base of the hill.

Many buildings are connected by underground tunnels and above-ground pedestrian bridges; it is possible to go from the city to the waterfront without actually stepping foot outside, although it wouldn't be a direct path.

Locations in Sirocco of particular relevance to Player Characters:

-Emiya Manor, a residence regained by Shirou Emiya ([personal profile] wontdieifkilled). It's a large, expensive-looking, Japanese-style house located in an upper-class district of Sirocco. It has a courtyard, a guest room separate from the main house, and a shed. It's also protected by a bounded field, implemented by Kiritsugu, that alerts its occupants when anyone enters the property unbidden and with hostile intent.

-Ermis Suites, the hotel that oh-so-kindly houses our immigrants. More information can be found here.

-Justice League Sirocco Headquarters, home to Sirocco's Justice League, founded by Booster Gold ([personal profile] canthandleacape). For more information on the organization and the building, see here.

-The Lab, a fortress on the highest hill in town, repurposed into a scientific lab. It is here that characters are first brought when they arrive, and where they bring anemoi to be processed for memories.

-New Roots, a flower shop opened and operated by Rosalia Rossellini ([personal profile] healeveryone). It's located a few blocks west of the Ermis Suites.

-Sirocco Operation Society Headquarters, a small base located at Sirocco's outskirts. The SOS is dissatisfied with the current leadership of Sirocco and provides safe haven for villain characters. For more details, see here.

-Sundollar Coffee, a coffee chain that is basically Starbucks with the serial numbers filed off. There are two Sundollars in Sirocco, located across the street from one another. (Currently temporary; becomes permanent on August 4th.)

-A Training Center, opened by Ky Kiske ([personal profile] ridethelightning).


Sep. 13th, 2011 09:46 pm
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Characters actually arrive in Sirocco with all of their memories intact!

This lasts for all of about five minutes before the character is ambushed and knocked out by one of Sirocco's "gods", extremely powerful and unique creatures from the represented canons, such as summons from Final Fantasy or legendary Pokemon.

IC play begins when they next wake up, at which point they will discover that, save for their first name and things that count as common knowledge in their homeworld, they remember absolutely nothing. This includes abilities, so at the beginning, everyone is nerfed down to normal standards.

There are three ways to get memories back:

  1. Exist! Every two weeks, active characters get 1% back.

  2. Events! The requirements and rewards will change with each event, but typically, participation will earn memories.

  3. Explore! Venture out beyond the city and search for anemoi.

1) Exist
Activity Check is run every two weeks. Everyone who is not warned gets 1% back.

2) Events
Every so often, short game-wide events will happen, ranging from backstory explanation and plot arcs to "everyone is stuck to the first person they touch." Serious to silly, participating is optional, but those that do are likely to be rewarded with memories. Any events that don't will be clearly labeled.

3) Explore

Anemoi are small gems, almost perfectly round with a slight tinge of color. The gems themselves do not return memories. Instead, they must be taken to The Lab to be processed. At the end of the processing time, which can be however long you want with a minimum time of "by the next day," characters will suddenly remember something.

One place anemoi are found outside the city at a good distance. Characters can choose to walk outside the city and keep walking or, preferably, go to the lab and take advantage of teleportation services; a group teleports out after being given an item that is a one-time use teleport back. The important thing to note here is the word group: while off-screening a solo expedition is fine in moderation, we would rather prefer these are not very profitable. Groups, on the other hand, build CR and leave more towards roleplaying, and isn't that why we're here?

These trips will put you in a variety of places and climates, in which a variety of hostile creatures now live. These creatures will be enemies from each character's respective canon; if nothing stands out as an enemy, nothing is added. For instance, if someone from Final Fantasy VII is apped, random encounter enemies from that game will be added to the wildlife.

However you prefer to RP these adventuring sessions is up to you. Commentspam, prose, AIM log, get a D&D style session together and RP from there, whatever reason I'm not using as an example... as long as you can RP it in some form, it's allowed.

NPCs also have a healthy supply of anemoi and will use them to pay characters for jobs. This is for those who don't have combat-oriented characters or don't want to do the exploration.

How quickly can my character regain memories?
The maximum speed limit will be set at 8% to 10% per month. Broken down, this is 2% in activity, roughly 2% in events, which leaves 4% to 6% in Other Means. Be this a regular job, hunting for anemoi, or job board rewards is up to you!

Note that this is a maximum - it is certainly fine to go slower than this.


Sep. 13th, 2011 09:45 pm
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For memory-related questions, please go to its respective page.

There's a new home in town, and that island's name is Marin. You wake up on the outskirts or inside of (Memoria Arx) Sirocco, the major city. Of course, there's one slight niggling factor. Okay it's more major than that. You can't remember a thing aside from your name. Name meaning first name OR last name OR nickname OR you get the point. Friends? Family? Abilities? Nothing but a haze.

Every time there's a new arrival, the sky overhead changes, becoming another color and displaying odd weather for roughly a minute before fading. Characters are brought to the Lab, explained the basic situation of both their new affliction and the area.

As it stands, there is something of a population issue. Roughly seventy years ago, the remaining residents awoke, finding more than half the population missing in a disappearance still unexplained. Some formed groups to explore beyond Sirocco to search for survivors; those that returned reported creatures they've never seen before. Within a few years, they began to approach the city, although consistently kept away by local militia.

The population has been built back up in order to function at the level of a small city, but beyond the community and defense against current threats, there is little room left for anything else. With such a population issue, any change or improvement to be enacted is usually shot down for one of two reasons - not enough people, or not enough protection against the creatures. However, with newcomers mysteriously appearing, they can go instead, searching ruins and clearing areas for humans to move back into.

Of course, this isn't the first time newcomers have arrived, nor do they expect them to do it out of the goodness of their hearts. First, newcomers are treated as government employees for this reason and given a place to stay, food, clothing, phones in order to stay in contact, and a monthly stipend to cover other expenses. Secondly, it's been confirmed that out in the wilderness is the easiest place to find anemoi...

Is Anemoi comm-based or journal-based?
Anemoi is a comm-based game. RP posts will go in [community profile] anemoi, OOC intros, memes, hiatuses and all that go in [community profile] anemoi_ooc. In the game itself, please tag your character if they comment on a post.

How are memories tracked? What order are things remembered in?
OOCly, memories are counted as percentages. The order can be whatever you'd like it to be.

Why percentages?
Active characters are meant to recover all of their memories, ideally within a year. Percentages give a tangible progress bar OOCly.

How many characters can I app?
Currently, the limit is placed at five characters, with a maximum two from the same fandom.

What's the policy on AUs / fandom OCs / OCs?
Fandom OC's: This is currently defined as main characters whose personality changes depending on choices and actions taken by the player, for instance Commander Shepard of Mass Effect. There is suitable background, it's simply knowing what personality is taken and elaborating. We do not accept "Fandom OC's" in the sense of an original character from a canon universe.
AU's: Canon AUs are fine. For instance, DC Comics recently rebooted their franchise; playing from the older books are fine. Fanmade AU's made of speculative history are not.
OC's: We do accept OC's. Keep in mind that you will have to write out the full history for the character, including any unusual abilities the character may possess and the like.

What happens if I app a previously dropped character?
You will have the choice of either resetting the character or playing with their memories and relationships intact.

What happens when characters die?
Characters are put on the luxury train to the afterlife! Should a character want to remain living (and therefore remain in the game) all they have to do is get off the train when it makes a courtesy stop at Sirocco. If they don't get off, they will be dropped from the game.

What's activity check like?
Activity check is every two weeks. To meet it, a character needs ten comments with two characters.

Missing one activity check is a warning. Missing two in a row results in removal from the game. Missing three out of five (so warning, pass, warning, pass, warning) results in removal from the game.

My character has a degenerative condition, like a disease or gradual power loss. Does this get stopped?
Yes, but if you'd prefer to play with the condition still in place, you're free to do so.

My character has more than one set of memories. How do I handle that?
There are three approaches to this. First, both sets of memories are remembered at once. So a 1% regain would be 1% of Character A and 1% of Character B. Secondly, half and half - Character A gets 50%, Character B gets 50%. Finally, you could have Character A remember only their own memories, but remember the entirety of Character B when they remember the whole "having a second set of memories" business.

Would it be possible for people from other worlds to learn each others' magic, particularly if said magic didn't depend on an innate ability?
Yes, characters could learn each other's magic. We just ask that characters don't master new arts.

I'm kind of interested in running an AIM log, but I'm not really sure how to do it! Help?
Luckily for you, the most esteemed [personal profile] prof has written a handy-dandy guide on how to make running an AIM log easy for you and fun for your players!


Sep. 13th, 2011 09:43 pm
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  1. Don't be a dick. Self-explanatory.

  2. No metagaming or godmoding. Anything you can do, I can do better. This covers the ground of ICA=ICC, or IC Actions = IC Consequences.

  3. IC != OOC. Character relationships don't necessarily follow player relationships. For example, don't assume that because Player A's character hates your character, Player A therefore hates you.

  4. Anything not in the rules. Just because something isn't explicitly listed doesn't mean we'll simply laugh about the first offense if we spot something bad enough to require editing the rules.

As for what we'll do, at the very least we can guarantee that we'll talk to the player in question. Depending on the situation, a response can range from just that to being booted from the game.
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Reserves are officially open! Upon reserving, you have one week to app. There are also no extensions for reserves.

You can reserve as many characters as you still have space for. Right now, that means someone currently not in the game can reserve five characters. If you're reserving with the intent to app into a villain slot, please make a note of it.

Read more... )
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The game is now open! Post here upon acceptance to be added to the game.

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Please read over the rules and information posts before applying in order to minimize confusion.

  • Players are limited to five characters.

  • Samples can be written in first or third person.


Villain apps are currently OPEN.

  • There is a limit of three villains in the game at one time. There is currently one villain slot available.

  • Playing a villain will not count against your five character limit.

  • Be sure to note somewhere in the title of your app that you’re apping into a villain slot.

  • For more information on villains, see this page.