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Application Post

Please read over the rules and information posts before applying in order to minimize confusion.

  • Players are limited to five characters.

  • Samples can be written in first or third person.


Villain apps are currently OPEN.

  • There is a limit of three villains in the game at one time. There is currently one villain slot available.

  • Playing a villain will not count against your five character limit.

  • Be sure to note somewhere in the title of your app that you’re apping into a villain slot.

  • For more information on villains, see this page.

Erk Reglay

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Name: Geoff
Personal LJ: [ profile] drcanadianninja
Contact Info: It's all over the mod contact page.

Character Name: Erk Reglay
Character Series: Fire Emblem (
Background: Erk Reglay (

Personality: If anything describes Erk, it's studious. He could spend days inside the library if given the option. His studies are the most important thing in the world to him, and he has a tendency to get irritable when people distract or attempt to separate him from them.

He prides himself on his achievements, caring little if someone is better than him or not as long as he meets his own goals. Failures hit him harder than most people, even when it isn't specifically his fault. He blames himself and gets into a minor rut when this happens. Compliments, on the other hand, make him nervous, and typically get buried under modesty. Erk has a difficult time accepting positive feelings of any greater magnitude than acquaintanceship; it takes him years for him to admit that he cares for his adoptive family. He doesn't open up easily.

Erk's got an independent streak a mile wide. He rarely asks for help and when he does, it's in a convoluted and indirect manner. While he may accept help offered (don't expect him to ask for it) accepting anyone for reasons beyond practicality can be difficult. That's not to say he abhors companionship, though. As he grows closer to people, willingly or unwillingly, he begins to show genuine concern for them and is visibly bothered when he finds he cannot help him.

Due to his time with Serra, he is willing to do most anything one would ask of him, and if he considers the person a friend, he will likely suggest any of the various things he can do to help. He's actually quite adept at taking care of others. Taking care of himself, however, is another matter. Erk has a tremendous level of focus and consequently forgets simple things at times, like getting to bed at reasonable hours or, say, eating.

Erk has a pretty serious fear of affection. When receiving a compliment, for example, he freezes up, entirely unsure how to react. Similarly, telling people that he cares about them is a tall order - it took three years for him just to say as much to his very kind and loving adopted family. This spreads to physical contact as well. If he's not alright with it, any form of contact will likely make him recoil like a snake just bit him.

Sample Entry: Erk's first day in Sirocco had been something of a disaster, and he was feeling more and more alien and unwelcome the longer he stayed. Sure, he arrived with amnesia, but nearly assaulting the people who were only trying to help him? Hours later, he was still beating himself up over that. Then there was the Ermis, in which he attempted to pull open the door to the elevator until someone laughed and pushed the button for him. He tried to leave, only to be nearly run over by the metal horses roaming the streets.

The area was unfamiliar and the technology was far beyond his grasp. But then, when all seemed lost, a beacon of hope in the form of a large banner hanging from a streetlight called out to his eyes. Here was a place you belong! Here is a place you can feel safe!

And that's how Erk found himself in the Sirocco Public Library.


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Thanks for applying! Now that you're accepted, follow the directions here.


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Name: Tenchi
Personal LJ: [profile] chibitenchi86
Contact Info: AIM: chibitenchi86, Plurk: Ninjabait

Character Name: Rozalin
Character Series: Disgaea 2 (
Character Age: 17
Background:Rozalin's wiki (

Personality: Rozalin is the ideal spoiled princess - complete with exaggerated posing and sticking her nose in the air. Doing whatever she wants and is incredibly stubborn about what she does or does not want to do. If there’s something that has to be done, especially if it is uncomfortable for her, Rozalin will get someone else to do it for her. After all, she is a princess and demands-no, deserves to have her every wish answered. She will use wits, deception, and whatever else she deems necessary to get what she wants.
Her faults include being quick to anger and a temper that is difficult to placate once it gets set off. If pushed or an insult hits even closer to home, Rozalin will attack that person with her own barbed retorts or even with a weapon. Although if she can be proved that she was in the wrong, she will reluctantly apologize if she does not like the person and actually be remorseful to someone she does care about.

While being knowledgeable about a great many things as most of her life was spent in study, which is the greatest way for a noble to waste time, Rozalin has very little experience in the way of real life. No applicable skills for a job or even what a normal person has to do for day-to-day life. She does pick up skills quickly, as was shown by how she did not know how to fight and yet became very good at it in a short amount of time. But until something causes her to have to experience something for herself that conflicts what she read in her precious books, she will firmly believe in what they tell her.

When coming across people who are full of confidence and go for their goals without questioning anyone they have to “rely” upon, Rozalin becomes confused. Especially when multiple goals or promises seem to conflict with each other, such as Adell and his promises to save his family, protect Rozalin and return her to her father. She becomes even more confused when others trust her even though there is no real reason to. While she believes them to be idiotic, Rozalin will wait and watch to see how things will turn out with them before deciding on how to deal with them.

That leads to her not trusting anyone completely until they do something to prove they deserve it, like Adell and his never-wavering promise. But once she does give in and starts to care about that person, Rozalin will do whatever she can to protect them from harm. Even if it means letting loose the evil flame inside of her that brings out her previous incarnation, Overlord Zenon.

Sample Entry: Testrun box entry! (


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Thanks for applying! Now that you're accepted, follow the directions here.

sent at 8 pm sharp, mofos, the way it SHOULD be done

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Name: Lisa
Personal LJ: [ profile] uwaaaah
Contact Info: AIM: UnfingSalmon or CommunistCod // email: // plurk: CaptainPlanette

Character Name: Danny Fenton/Phantom
Character Series: Danny Phantom (
Character Age: 16
Background: That link I gave you up there? Is the best overview of the show out there, and is still incredibly disappointing. Which is why I'm going to try giving the shortest possible summary that I can that is still coherent.

Danny grew up as a normal kid in a crazy family. This wasn't significant until he was 14, when he accidentally fixed his inventor parents' latest ghost hunting project—the Fenton Portal, a device that would allow a portal to open between the human world and the Ghost Zone. In the process of turning it on, Danny became half-ghost. He decided to use his ghost powers to fight all the ghosts that suddenly invaded his hometown, Amity Park, even though he had little to no control over his powers. But with the help of his friends, Tucker and Sam (who is actually a girl, yes), he managed to gain more control and keep Amity Park safe.

Then Things began to happen:
- Danny met Vlad, an old classmate of his parents, who is also half-ghost with twenty years more experience and plans to kill Danny's dad, marry Danny's mom, and hopefully adopt Danny as an apprentice. Danny beat him and went home safely, but Vlad is not so easily thwarted—he gave Danny's classmate, Valerie, a ton of ghost hunting gear to supplement her intense hatred of ghosts, particularly Danny Phantom.
- Danny is framed by a previous foe, Walker, as having taken the mayor of Amity Park hostage. Although Danny defeats Walker, the incident turns Danny Phantom into Public Enemy Number One. The bad reputation, unfortunately, sticks.
- The ghost king, Pariah Dark, is released by a scheming Vlad, and immediately goes on a tyrannical rampage, leading to a ghost invasion. It's up to Danny to ~*~save the day~*~! Which he does and his reputation is finally good after the whole Public Enemy fiasco. But he doesn't realize that he was actually a pawn in Vlad's perfectly executed plan this whole time (the details of which I will not bore you, because Vlad is this show's equivalent of Xanatos).

because I'm the only prompt one around here--I mean, shit, look at those two early asswads up there!

[identity profile] 2011-09-23 12:01 am (UTC)(link)
- Danny fights some ghosts from a future where he has turned into a raging omnicidal maniac due to all his friends and family dying horrible deaths because he cheated on a test. (Yes, really.) He later finds out that, if he doesn't find some way to stop his future self, their deaths will be repeated and the bad future might come to pass again. So with the help of his friends and the ghostly master of time, Clockwork, he manages to fix everything.
- CLONES. Vlad makes them. Of Danny. Five of them. But none of them are stable and are thus failures—except for the fifth, who is thus far stable but needs a particular piece of Danny's DNA to be complete. So Vlad kidnaps Danny with the help of Dani, the female failed clone. That is, until Dani rebels and fights alongside Danny to kick Vlad's ass. In the process, the perfect clone is destroyed and Vlad goes batshit insane and has a complete breakdown. Thankfully, they manage to get out of there safely and go back home.
- Vlad, after his breakdown, shifts gears from “make Danny my apprentice” to “make Danny's life a living hell.” To do this, he runs for mayor of Amity Park and wins, due to rigging the votes. What ensues is Danny Phantom: The Political Edition as Vlad makes absurd laws and Danny finds ways to counteract them. At the end, although most of the ridiculous rules Vlad's instated are revoked, Vlad remains as mayor. It is after this point that Danny is taken from Amity Park

Personality: Danny, like many teenagers, loves hanging out with his friends and playing video games, thinks his parents are embarrassing, and doesn't enjoy school. But, as it always is with these goshdarn teenage superheroes, there is more to him than meets the eye. For one thing, all that superheroing means he's pretty confident nowadays (compared to the wallflower he was at the start of the show who only wanted to fit in) and is happy to be unpopular, as long as he has his friends. He's not afraid to step up if he has to, even if it means doing so as the loser Fenton.

The boy also carries a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. In his own words, “if not me, then who's gonna protect this town?” It might have something to do with the fact that if he hadn't activated the portal, ghosts wouldn't be an issue in the first place. It doesn't matter how many times he gets thrown into a wall, or electrocuted, or framed for taking the mayor hostage—keeping Amity Park safe is his responsibility, and he'll do whatever it takes to do that.

Speaking of, there is nothing more important to Danny than his friends and family. He fights to keep them safe, even if the friend he's trying to keep safe is about to shoot him in the face. Danny is very much a person shaped by the people around him, and he knows it—at least, he is aware of it enough that he wouldn't give them up for any reason short of death. And it is only around his friends and family that Danny is completely relaxed and a jokester even though his puns are terrible. Sometimes they annoy him or make him angry, but when push comes to shove, they're of utmost importance to him. (In other words, it is a Really Bad Idea to hurt them.)

He can be pretty naïve, too. He believes that those who support him are good, and that ghost hunters and most ghosts are bad. He makes exceptions, however, for people like Valerie and ghosts like Clockwork, but they are the exception, rather than the norm. On the whole, he has a clean black-and-white view of morality, whether he realizes it or not. For one thing, it means less of a headache about morals, and for another, it makes it much easier to work out who to punch.

Danny is also quite the optimist. Sure, he gets down on himself sometimes like any other person, but he never gives up. He always sees that light at the end of the tunnel and refuses to believe that he can't do something if he particularly wants to. Maybe that's why he's still trying to become an astronaut, despite his lackluster grades and physical skills in human form.

Sample Entry: Ahoy, cap'n! (

Kyon | Haruhi Suzumiya | Reserved 1/2

[identity profile] 2011-09-23 12:02 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Chris
Personal LJ: [ profile] hurricane_chris
Contact Info: E-mail:; AIM: HurricaneChris04; Plurk: HurricaneChris

Character Name: Kyon
Character Series: Haruhi Suzumiya ( (The link contains links to info on each of the light novels. Kyon is coming in post-Rampage.)
Character Age: 16
Personality: One phrase should come to mind whenever anyone (at least anyone familiar with TV Tropes) thinks of Kyon: Deadpan Snarker. Kyon fits the trope to a T. Externally, Kyon seems fairly laid-back and cynical, but when one takes a look at his internal monologue (in the anime) or the narration (in the light novels), you'll find that the boy snarks a lot.

A lot of this snarking is directed toward Haruhi's actions. The girl is just so strange and unusual and hyperactive that she keeps coming up with the craziest ideas. Though, really, it's understandable. When a girl is dragging you into everything she does, dressing up in a bunny suit whenever she wants to get attention or cool off, and randomly signing you and your group of friends up for sports you've never even played before, wouldn't you get snarky?

Strangely, despite being the sole person who can put a stop to Haruhi's actions (well, most of the time, anyway -- hell, Haruhi admits this herself and it's why she sent him to get the heater in the last episode in chronological order), he doesn't do it as often as you might think. Most of the time he just follows her around and snarks at her in his head. This is because, deep down, Kyon likely secretly appreciates the liveliness being around the SOS Brigade as a whole, and Haruhi in particular, brings to his life. After all, the guy does keep going back to SOS Brigade meetings and following Haruhi on whatever crazy idea she comes up with next. As a matter of fact, he explicitly states as much in the narration in Disappearance, which is why he chose to return the world to normal, and reaffirms that choice in "Snowy Mountain Syndrome."

But Kyon does put his foot down when he feels Haruhi goes to far, and doesn't hesitate to do it, either. For example, when Haruhi took the photos she forced Mikuru to pose for and tried to post them on the SOS Brigade's website, Kyon objected and forced her to take them down. Then, during the film-making, when Haruhi got Mikuru drunk and started whacking her over the head to make the contact lens pop out, Kyon told Haruhi to knock it off and that Mikuru wasn't her toy. Haruhi responded that Mikuru was, which sent Kyon into such a fury that he tried to punch Haruhi -- Itsuki had to physically restrain him. But even that was enough for Haruhi to get the message.

Despite being an average student, Kyon is surprisingly observant and knowledgeable. He knows more than his fair share of trivia, is up-to-date with pop culture, and has often figured things out before any of the other brigade members, Haruhi included, did. A prime example of this occurs in "Remote Island Syndrome." During the trip, Itsuki's "uncle" was apparently murdered. Kyon figured out both the truth and what they were expected to believe remarkably quickly. However, he waited on Haruhi to figure it out, so as not to deprive her of activity. Because we all know what happens when Haruhi gets bored.

For the most part, though, to the casual observer, Kyon seems like a typical Japanese male high school student. As I said before, he appears fairly laid-back and cynical. He gets through his life by following a tried-and-true routine, is an average student, and takes more mundane changes in his life fairly passively. Still, though, he's got a high school student's curiosity, which is probably what made Haruhi emerge on his radar in the first place.

Kyon | Haruhi Suzumiya | Reserved 2/2

[identity profile] 2011-09-23 12:03 am (UTC)(link)
And, of course, with a healthy male teenager comes a healthy libido. Kyon likes pretty girls. Remember those pictures of Mikuru that Kyon forced Haruhi to delete? I'll let you in on a little secret: they weren't deleted. Kyon placed them in a secret folder that he could pull up at his leisure. Not only that, he constantly fawns over Mikuru in his narration to the point of outright silliness.
Sample Entry:


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One of these days, Lisa. One of these fuckin' days.

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Name: Foxfire
Personal LJ: [ profile] m_a_foxfire
Contact Info:
AIM: AlopexPlasma
Plurk: MadarFoxfire

Character Name: Mokona Modoki (Soel, the white version)
Character Series: Wiki! (
Background: Fandom Wiki! (


Mokona is very childlike, which is understandable as she basically is a little kid. Even so, the one adult Mokona she was cloned (?) from is about as old as the universe and is just as much of a goofball. She's super high energy and loves traveling and meeting new people and eating new things and making all her old friends and new friends smile by being so fucking adorable and taking in ten times her bodyweight in food and booze the little moocher.

She's fairly intuitive with people, shown by her constant antagonism of the surly ninja Kurogane - who actually wouldn't hurt her - as opposed to her more cautious and restrained manner around actual threats to her person. She constantly invades his personal space - everyone's, really - but in Kurogane's case it is partially because she thinks his indignant reactions are funny and likely because she likes it when he loosens up for his own sake; he's so serious and his face will stick like that one day oh no!!

She does honestly care for her friends, and it's very easy to be counted as one of her friends. If someone's sad, she'll try to help however she can, whether via antics to pull them out of a funk or by just cuddling up to them and being there if it's something too serious to be alleviated by adorable animal hijinks. She typically doesn't put herself into direct danger, mostly because she has zero combat ability, but she always goes along with the group on adventures that range from harmless funtimes to multiversal apocalypse. Most of the time she doesn't consider herself to be in trouble, because she generally believes that her travel group can handle anything that happens. When they cannot, she gets pretty fucking flustered!

She can also be a fairly legit pain in the ass, as shown in the bonus chapter in which she leaves jelly pawprints all over the walls, the ceiling, and her ninja buddy's new comic book, but that's about as bad as she gets. Also notable is her complete lack of guilt when found out - she's basically like OH NO BUSTED TEEHEE :3 She's basically a very good natured troll, and is incapable of doing anything actually mean-spirited. She likes tricks, but usually busts her own deceptions wide open in short order, partially so nobody's feelings get hurt and probably also because she likes being in position to see their expressions when she pulls the GOTCHA routine.

Sample Entry:


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Thanks for applying! Now that you're accepted, take note of the things over here.

both of you up there CHILL!

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Name: kally
Personal LJ: writesonthesly
Contact Info: sunnydaykally @ AIM

Character Name: Samantha Manson
Character Series: Danny Phantom

Personality: Sam is an individual. She stands out. She is her own person. She doesn’t care if you don’t like her black hair (obviously dyed) or her gunning boots or goth clothes. She is who she is and she doesn’t believe that anyone can truly control her and tell her just what the hell she’s supposed to do. She believes that life has life, eating things with a face is very wrong, and that humanity is slowly crippling the earth with pollution and smog. Oh yea. She’s very vocal with her opinions. She’s the girl who will sit for a week in a sit-in protest rally for a cause she believes in, or even break an animal out of the zoo.

Why yes. She’s been in quite a bit of trouble, but thanks to her family’s wealth, and her parents constant desire to pull her back to be their little “Sammykins”, something Sam very much detests. She prefers comfortable clothes and poetry to their fancy gowns and high class literature. She’s an avid fan of Edgar Allen Poe, and sees darkness and the creeping and crawling things that are associated with being a goth…as simply the imporing of a soul. Goth isn’t angst or “emo” (she hates that word), but more being aware of the supernatural, the soul, and corruption of the girl and the desire to change that. Doesn’t really help sway your ideas from “emo” though, am I right?

Sam has a very stubborn personality, and when she puts her mind to the grind, then she will go out and get the job done. Even if it means a couple cuts and bruises from wandering through prickly bushes, or maybe a broken arm thanks to a fall, she will do it, because it has to be done, and it’s for the greater good of (humanity) everyone. …okay so maybe it might not be for the greater good of everyone, but it probably be for a great and worthy cause.

She’s youth in rebellion, and stubborn and easily flustered. Also sarcastic. She has a wit like no other and even carving blade of the Aztecs have not the sharp edge that Sam’s wit can have. She doesn’t mind cutting down someone who obviously deserves a little prick to their inflated ego, and certainly doesn’t mind making insults aloud. She’s not shy about her opinions of people, and has even made glib comments about girls at school, the jock population of her academics, and the fact that she thinks Paulina is “shallower than the shallow end of the gene pool”, and that yes, “I can stand in a puddle of you without getting my feet wet, then yes, you’re shallow”.

She has faith in her friends and is very concerned when they are in trouble…except when it’s funny, because then it’s just Karma doing her job at making sure Danny and Tucker reap what juvenile antics they sow. But she can also be bossy, such as ordering Danny to destroy giant monster trucks that believes are environmental nightmares. Making him choose the exact extra-credit report she needed as an excuse to break a gorilla out of the zoo… Her hypocrisy can run far, and she can deny that issue several times…but she is quite aware of the case.

Sample Entry:


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Thanks for applying! Now that you're accepted, take note of the things over here.

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Name: Badge
Personal LJ: [ profile] dragomorph
Contact Info: AIM: dragomorph E-mail:

Character Name: Tsuruya
Character Series: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (
Character Age: 17
Personality: The most blatantly obvious aspect to Tsuruya is that she laughs. A lot. At anything, and everything. However, it is important to understand that she is rarely laughing AT anybody, but rather with them -- even if the other person isn't actually laughing. In other words, she rarely means anything malicious by her laughter; rather, she laughs because she genuinely finds good humor around her, and embraces it. This can occasionally lead to her going too far with something she finds amusing; however, whereas with some people they would fail to grasp where they went wrong, Tsuruya does understand when she's crossed a line, and will apologize openly when she does so.

Tsuruya has a number of random idiosyncracies. In addition to the above-mentioned laughter, she also has a unique way of speaking partly influenced by a somewhat odd fang that causes her to occasionally slur words and speak in a seemingly casual way. She tends to invent words, her most notable being "megas," and to a lesser extent "nyoro." She'll also give cute nicknames to people, especially other girls. You almost wouldn't be able to tell she's from one of the richest families in town.

However, Tsuruya is not all "hyperactive girl." She's fairly athletic, and underneath that happy exterior is a very intelligent young woman who is capable of thinking outside the box when necessary -- although, much like the girl she's on the same wavelength with, Haruhi Suzumiya, occasionally she thinks so far outside of it you can't even see the box anymore. She is almost eerily perceptive and intuitive, being the only one of the "normal side characters" who can tell that something is unusual about the members of the SOS Brigade. She can also be fiercely protective of those she cares about, with a potential for hand-to-hand combat that is not readily obvious, and she is not afraid to fight back if she feels like someone she's close friends with is in trouble. Tsuruya could easily be "that rich girl who's good at everything" if she wasn't so eccentric.

A final thing to note about Tsuruya is that her overwhelming concern is that others are happy. She has no personal intention of being a major player in anything; if people want to invite her into things, that's fine. If they don't, she's happy watching them be happy. And she will not pry if she does not feel it is her place; even though she notes strange things going on, she never questions them, figuring it is each person's own burden to carry. She's happy with the presence of mysteries in the world without feeling a great desire to solve them, or to track them down. Everything is magical and mysterious for Tsuruya, and she embraces it.

Sample Entry:


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Thanks for applying! Now that you've been accepted, please follow the directions here.

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Name: Shini
Personal LJ: [ profile] robindaybird
Contact Info: AIM: Shinigamikitsune Plurk: RShini

Character Name: Yuri Volte Hyuga
Character Series:
Background: - he’s taken from the beginning of Covenant
Personality: Yuri is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, and a Perverted Idiot Hero – that’s the first impression most people will get when encountering the guy. And in a way, that’s not actually too far off the mark. He can quite rude to strangers, and with the exceptions of Alice and Karin, he can be a jerk even to friends and traveling companions, though not out of malice but rather he doesn’t have the proper understanding of how to show his emotions to others. And with most beautiful women, Yuri tends to be openly lecherous – kneeling in front of Karin to peek up her skirt, or Oogling a dancer. While he may complain about going out of his way, he will help those in need.

While he acts like he is the only sane person in the group – he really isn’t. The man’s terrified of ghosts despite being able to turn into god-like monsters, is sarcastic and rude when he really shouldn’t be. And he also behaves like a horny teenager as stated above – making his age really surprising to people. There is also that crippling seasickness of his.

The idiot hero comes from that Yuri had little formal education due to being an orphan, and his general disinterest in seeking out information if it isn’t an urgent business – half the time, while someone gives plot exposition, he will be napping, dancing with a wolf, or otherwise not paying attention. However, he makes up for his lack of book smarts with street cunning and genre savviness – correctly identifying a creepy town as being full of cannibalistic monsters, or that the vizier (or rather Russian Mystic) is evil. He can’t tell you the names of famous Chinese Generals, but he can create some cunning ambushes if he set his mind to it – he just generally doesn’t, he's too lazy.

With this savvy comes cockiness. Yuri had punched out things that’s virtually Cthulhu, and thus he tends to not take enemies seriously – usually openly mocking them, or in one hilarious example, ignoring the guy’s ranting completely to ask where he got his cool floating pillow. Generally his power level is such that this level of nonchalance usually isn’t a problem, but he had on occasion got his ass handed back to him.

But on the other hand, he’s still in mourning over Alice, and blames himself for her death – pulling a Lancelot and running away from all civilization for nearly a year after her death. He also tries to hide how much his Harmonixer powers scares him, since before gaining control in SH1 and losing it after the Mistletoe Curse, Yuri feels forcibly fused with vengeful demonic souls – and the Mistletoe Curse’s eventual draining of his memories and willpower terrifies him to no end. To Yuri, the risk of permanently becoming a rampaging monster is the worst fate conceivable to him, he felt the sensation of mindless destruction once during a botched fusion with the Seraphic Radiance, and he never wanted to feel that sensation ever again.

Sample Entry: - Jerk - Moron or that scared of ghosts? - Saaad


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Thanks for applying! Your app has been accepted, but I am going to give you a note to please refrain from using tropes as a description in the future. Not all of them are clear/known to us and it would take longer to look them up. But as you described them right after, we're giving you a pass this time. Also because it is partly our fault we didn't think to note that in the rules.

Anyways, please
follow the directions given here, and welcome to the game!


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Name: Fel
Personal LJ: [ profile] lilac_breeze
Contact Info:
AIM: LilacFelara
Plurk: Here! (

Character Name: Gaignun Kukai Jr.
Character Series: Xenosaga Wiki (
Background: Jr.'s page (,_Jr._%28Rubedo%29)
Personality: He may be twenty seven, but in looks and oftentimes actions, Jr. is very much a twelve-year-old boy. He loves action movies and adventure stories, and in battle his gun moves are incredibly flashy. With names like "Moonlit Serenade" and "Storm Waltz", his attacks are both over the top and devastating, proving that while he certainly has a flair for the dramatic, he has real skill as well. His dual handguns are among his most prized possessions and he takes impeccable care of them.

On the surface, Jr. often appears to be carefree, but right when one may think of him as an immature kid he'll say something that betrays his true age. Under the surface, Jr. is a thoughtful and introspective man, with a huge heart and heroic spirit. He can be very protective of those around him, even when the people he's protecting can clearly take care of themselves. Perhaps this originated in his role as the leader of the URTVs, but it is his kind and caring nature that keeps him acting like a hero and watching out for those around him at all times.

Mary once said "I can't believe how much his personality changes when he's holding a gun!" and truly, when not in battle, Jr. is relaxed and calm. He loves books and antiques, and has been known to get completely lost in a good story.

He may not always show it, but Jr. carries a heavy burden from when he failed to defeat U-DO and broke the spiritual link with his fellow URTVs. He blames himself for what happened, and when reminded of those events he clams up. His life as Rubedo is separate from his life as Gaignun Kukai Jr., and when MOMO says that the name Rubedo is very pretty and asks if she can call him that instead, he tells her that he has bad memories connected with that name. He'd rather leave those events and that name in the past, but when it comes back to haunt him he doesn't run - he stands his ground and accepts the responsibility and consequences that those actions created.

Jr. is a complex man, both the twelve-year-old boy fanboying over books and guns, as well as the twenty-seven-year-old man burdened with a tragic past that doesn't want to let him have peace. He's a little immature and tends to jump in without thinking, but his skill and power (and perhaps a little bit of luck) always pull him through any situation he may find himself in. Overly emotional though he may be, his kind nature and heart of gold always find him doing the right thing.

Sample Entry: It had only been a few months, but the things Jr. had remembered were extremely important. His full name. When his birthday was. And the most important thing of all - his amazingly awesome skill with guns. So naturally he spent all of the money he'd accrued by this point on a brand new pair of shiny twin pistols.

Also, a cowboy hat. He had his priorities, after all.

He headed out to the outskirts of town to practice and see if he could remember anything else.


[identity profile] 2011-09-23 02:20 am (UTC)(link)
While the personality section is just fine, your sample isn't quite long enough. It needs to be expanded on a bit more.

Please either expand what you have, write out a longer sample, or quickly throw up a post on [ profile] testrun_box or musebox of your choice and reply here with the changes.


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Name: Badge
Personal LJ: [ profile] dragomorph
Contact Info: AIM: dragomorph
Character Name: Kotetsu T. Kaburagi
Character Series: Tiger & Bunny (
Background: Here. ( Canon point is between episodes 13 and 14.
Personality: Take your standard shounen hero. Now age him up to just shy of middle age. That would be Kotetsu, in a nutshell. He's the sort of guy you could have seen talking about burning spirit and true justice and not batted an eye to it when he was, say, fifteen or so. At his age, however, it comes off as hopelessly dorky, if perhaps endearing to the right sort. The thing is, he speaks of things like justice and protecting others with such a zeal because that's honestly what he believes in. To Kotetsu, the protection of human life -- even the lives of those who are otherwise villainous -- comes before anything else. And nothing -- no one person, no one thing, no one BUILDING -- is going to stop him.

Naturally, this can be kind of problematic. He's impulsive, prefering to act before he thinks and relying mostly on gut instinct. Which is all well and good, but often results in the destruction of a LOT of valuable property in the process. This drives the bean-counters back home up a wall, especially since it's OBVIOUS Kotetsu deprioritizes financial costs over human ones. Furthermore, his impulsiveness means he often blunders into situations, occasionally making them worse. It gets the job DONE, but with all the subtlety of a semitruck.

That said, Kotetsu isn't DUMB, per se. Give him enough leads and enough time and he can be remarkably brilliant. It's just that he's a fantastically lazy thinker, preferring to solve situations with his fists first before actually applying his brain to anything. This at least allows him a rather laid-back approach towards life when he's not doing something serious; when he's not running around saving the day, he can be pretty friendly, if rather immature in attitude, and he's always willing to give advice to people as a veteran of the hero business.

Which brings up one of the most fundamental aspects of Kotetsu's character: He puts everybody else before himself. This manifests itself in admirable ways, his heroic work being prime among them. But it also means he often hides it when things are going poorly for himself, and his attempts to try and conceal things so that others don't worry about him can end up appearing selfish and untrusting even before the gig is inevitably up. But because he's so concerned for others, people tend to trust him, and maybe even -- if they've spent enough time with him -- believe that there's some truth to this whole "justice and the sanctity of life" malarky after all.

Note that, while he TRIES not to make it obvious that he likes getting praised for what he does -- that's just not what a hero should care about, after all -- it's pretty obvious that not getting his fair share of credit stings. His FIRST priority is always saving people and delivering justice -- but his second priority is looking cool while he does it. That's why he fell in love with heroes, after all.

Sample Entry:


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Thanks for applying! Now that you've been accepted, follow the directions here.

Saleh | Tales of Rebirth | I

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Name: Jae
Personal LJ: [ profile] lyphia
Contact Info: krosophie[@] (email), hymnomancy (AIM), lyphia[@] (MSN), erinilliana (plurk)

Character Name: Saleh
Character Series: Tales of Rebirth (
Background: That's right, everything in the world is about give and take. (

Saleh | Tales of Rebirth | II

[identity profile] 2011-09-23 06:00 am (UTC)(link)

Saleh is twisted because he can be. Cruel and overbearing, he toys with everybody around him and typically ends things with a mad man's laugh. He himself is more than aware of this obnoxious behavior, as when Mao points this out to Eugene and labels Saleh as "twisted," Eugene comments that Saleh would more than likely consider it a compliment. In any case, he has no qualms flaunting the power he possesses and talking down on people simply for the thrill of it. Because if anything, he just wants to have fun at the expense of others.

While he makes no effort to hide the sadist in him, Saleh is polite in mannerism; mockingly so half the time, but fact remains that he comes across as the sort of "gentleman" that exudes a creepy vibe. That is, if his childlike sadism isn't overshadowing the rest of his personality. He's capable of treating people right if he's obligated, one such occasion being his treatment of the Huma girls under Queen Agarte's orders, during which it's noted that Saleh hadn't harmed a single hair on them. That's not to say they're safe in every way -- he can reach whomever he desires with his words and that's the method he prefers to use. He isn't above throwing people high up in the air and threatening to drop them with his Force, either.

Saleh hasn't a single nice bone in his body, nor does he offer anyone his genuine respect. Even Agarte, the queen to whom he's sworn to protect, isn't exempt from his mockery; he practically babies her because as far as he's concerned, she's been nothing but a fooled child. Regardless of this blatant disrespect, Agarte thanks him since he showed her the truth about the goings-on of the castle. He's loyal to his country and place as one of the Four Stars when it boils down to it. In a strange way.

What's interesting is that Saleh places a limit on the things he says despite his willingness to speak his mind. He says enough but never too much (which is often too much for the receiving party). It's a skill he's acquired as someone who derives pleasure from riling others. He can instantly enrage the taciturn Vague with a few snide words. Coupled with his aptitude for acting, he makes for a verbal and verbose force to reckon.

His mean tendencies aside, Saleh is very open-minded if not simply "color" blind when it involves certain matters. In a kingdom ravaged by prejudice, he never calls out someone based on his race unless he does so out of retaliation. It's how he shuts up a guard who'd continually insisted against taking a Huma girl into the castle. Moreover, he seemingly harbors a great deal of bitterness toward the world as hinted in his last moments after Tohma betrays him. A harmonic world shared between Huma and Gajuma is a dream, nothing more, nothing less -- that's how he sees reality and that's the thought he dies with.

He's a sly one who knows far more than he lets on while belittling those that are a tad more ignorant. In fact, Saleh's mildly impressed when Agarte behaves like an actual queen after she'd lost everything and just then realized her adviser Zilva's true and ugly colors. And if there's someone he believes to be an utter fool, Saleh will do everything in his power to shove that person's flaw in his face. This very trait of his is what sends him down an obsessively destructive path to beat down Veigue's notions of the all-mighty power of the heart. The mere thought of it makes Saleh want to hurl.

Saleh is extraordinarily prideful to the point being defeated by the "heart," something he once viewed as weak and pitiful, causes him to snap. He can take losing (albeit begrudgingly and on his second loss demands that the party kill him); however, he can't accept defeat to something so mushy and hearty. His coldness shines here because he rules out the emotional aspect of strength, as much as he loves to see extreme misery in those around him. At any rate, he's downright irrational and crazier than usual when it comes to whatever bothers him.

He also likes blueberry jam. A lot. Other habits include flipping his hair and clapping when someone does something spectacularly stupid.


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Gintoki Sakata

[identity profile] 2011-09-23 07:24 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Ayame
Personal LJ: [ profile] minako134
Contact Info: e-mail: | AIM: irisbelltree

Character Name: Gintoki Sakata
Character Series: Gintama (
Background: Character wiki article (


Gintoki is a punk and yet not a punk. He lazes about the house, scratches himself, is far too interested in the news' weather girl, hangs around downtown playing Pachinko, gets hangovers, and acts like he knows jack. The trick his, he actually does know Jack, given his amazing life experiences up to this point. He knows what's important, besides eating sugar and reading the latest Jump issue. Only fight if you're trying to protect something. Don't drag things around with you through life that prevent you from facing forward. Death is death, and nothing can change that fate. Sometimes Jump comes out on a Saturday, so be careful.

He seems to just put up with women that show up in his life, thinking they're insane (in most cases he runs into, they are), although he has a major crush on the weather girl he watches each morning on the news. His true love, however, is sugar. It's too bad that his doctor told him that he's on the verge of developing diabetes, and he can only have a chocolate parfait once a week. In the meantime, what he's really on the verge on is starting a religion for strawberry milk. According to him, that stuff is the water of life.

Gintoki sticks up for the weak, stands by those who are lost, and sees the true heart in the people that everyone else has pushed aside, the people who've lost sight of their own heart, the people who'd already given up on happiness. He'll just wave it off as no big deal, though, saying that he had nothing better to do that day anyway. He's a bad liar, but an amusing one if anything, and will stick to his alibi five times longer than is really necessary. Aside from lying, he rambles near-nonstop quite often, but so does the rest of the cast, because that's simply the style of writing the author has. Like the rest of the cast, Gintoki can either take the role of the funny man or the straight man. He also breaks the fourth wall a decent amount, complaining about his lack of screentime or hoping that his popularity with female readers is high.

Gintoki gets scared and superstitious easily enough. He is not a man without fear by any means, but that doesn't stop him from facing any enemy, no matter how intimidating, to protect those around him. He strives to live by his own bushido code, taught to him by his childhood teacher long ago, both carrying with him his samurai past and also closing the chapter in his life that was that terrible war.

Gintoki Sakata

[identity profile] 2011-09-23 07:25 am (UTC)(link)
Sample Entry:

[The voice of someone pinching their nose as they speak comes over the line]

Yes, attention, please, attention all persons, all persons. [clearing throat into microphone] This is your respected and ever-watching Memoria Arse Sirocco government authorities speaking to all immigrated government employees. We have received reports regarding the theft of items belonging to one of your hard-working group, and have decided to step in to help locate these items. They were apparently taken sometime between the hours of noon and 6pm yesterday, from the victim's refrigerator.

Thus, if you know anything or have witnessed any suspicious behavior related to stolen food, please respond soon. Though you may not remember them yet, think what your parents would say if they heard you stood idly by in the face of such petty crime. Think of the victim, who has to go through one more agonizing day without his nutritional sugar intake? It's a question of health, is what I'm saying, all right? Think about if you had to wait 3 days in between eating dairy products, for example! Lactose intolerant people aside, that'd be torture if you ate cereal every morning.

. . . [clearing throat into microphone. again.]

So, that is the announcement. A very official announcement. Think looong and hard, and do the right thing. I know you can, I believe in you. Gin-san believes in you! --Aah, shit I mean-- The Memoria Assface Sirocco government believes in you!!

Over and out.


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Yomiko Readman

[identity profile] 2011-09-23 09:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Nikkie
Personal LJ: [ profile] nikkie_chan
Contact Info: AIM = ShyViolet1414, email=

Character Name: Yomiko Readman
Character Series: Read ( Or ( Die (
Background: Yomiko ( Readman (

Personality: Yomiko LOOOOVES books. They are her passion and pleasure and nothing makes her happier than reading, save for being able to share books with others who enjoy them and discussing them. At length. They have been her most constant “friends” in a sense, and she sees them as invaluable, allowing people to experience events they often wouldn’t otherwise, and to engage with people they likewise would not ever meet. Her… enthusiasm can be off-putting at times (and detrimental to her own welfare, as when books in her possession are threatened, she does things like engage in aerial combat over New York and fight giant mutated grasshoppers), especially for people who aren’t particularly interested in the written word, for Yomiko will try her very best to “help” people find books that speak to them, whether they want to or not and argue about why they’re great. She’s a friendly woman, but finds that sometimes starting conversations not book related can be… strenuous. Also, her mind is sometimes so focused on books that she lets other, normal things fall to the wayside, such as personal care. (She often forgets to brush her hair and goes out in public with ridiculous bed head.) This focus on literature often makes her make rather… unique statements, and trying to shift gears from book-mode into any other mode can leave her disoriented and cause her to be clumsy.

She is a people pleaser. Yomiko will try her hardest to help people when they ask for it, even if the task they need assistance with isn’t amongst her talents. Having lacked many good friends in her childhood, she still seeks acceptance and approval from others, especially since the people who accepted her in the past (the original Nancy clone and Donnie Nakajima) are now gone. The original Nancy’s dying request was that Yomiko take care of her “sister,” her second clone and although Yomiko is by no means a licensed caregiver, she did her best to honor the request, to the point of separating from the Library of England and all of her other contacts (Nenene and Drake) and going into hiding with Nancy. Her methods of caring and protecting for her charge were almost motherly in nature, as the second Nancy only developed to a childlike level and was completely dependent on Yomiko, constantly clinging to her while under emotional duress and when in threatening conditions until she was exposed to other people, namely Nenene, the Paper Sisters and Junior, her son, who begrudged her amnesia, saying that he had to carry the weight of her sins while she remained completely ignorant of them.

Yomiko Readman

[identity profile] 2011-09-23 09:45 pm (UTC)(link)
She’s… rather bully-able. Given her desire to gain approval of others, Yomiko can be goaded into doing things she wouldn’t normally and given her past of dealing with people who were less than kind to her, she has a high threshold of personal pain when exchanging with unpleasant individuals. She's an optimist at heart, and hopes that even though sometimes bad things happen, she may be able to grow from the experience or make a friend. She tells Joker when the world is threatened to be reset by the power of the Gentleman that while a part of her wishes that the pain of her own past could be erased and undone that people need to grow from the bad things that happen to them, to fully develop themselves.

However, because of the time she’s spent on the social “outs,” she’s very understanding of people who aren’t exactly within the social norm. When she learns that the original Nancy was a member of the I-Jin and a mole planted in her party, rather than be angry with Nancy’s betrayal, she instead shows sympathy over Nancy’s situation and appeals to her conscience, asking her to recognize that Ikkyu’s plan is wrong and help convince him of the fact. She’s a very different woman and she understands what it can be like to not fit in (Jinbocho was a dream come true- so many people there who understood the importance of books!), and so she can often get on very well with people who find themselves in the same boat. She also generally gets on very well with children and adolescents, as she can very well associate with the concept of trying to find one’s place in the world. She cherishes the people who know and accept her for all of her eccentricities.

Sample Entry: Hmm… you know… I’ve been thinking about it. It’s not… all bad. The memory loss, I mean. For example, I might have read some of the books I’ve found here back… wherever it is that I came from. I might have loved them dearly, read them when I was sick to make me feel better, or when I was happy or content. I might have been captivated by them and swept away by the setting, or the plot. But here, I don’t remember… and I’m not saying that it’s good that I can’t remember them, but now there’s the chance that I did, and I’m able to experience all of those feeling all over again, but completely new! Sort of like falling in love all over for the first time.

…that’s probably silly, isn’t it? Uhm… forget I said anything…


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The Lone Wanderer, 1/2

[identity profile] 2011-09-23 10:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Geoff
Personal LJ: [ profile] drcanadianninja
Contact Info: See the mod contact post.

Character Name: Catherine (Lone Wanderer)
Character Series: War. War never changes. (
Background: That crazy kid from Vault 101. (
Point in Canon: Just prior to the game's original ending.
Personality: If there’s a single word to define Catherine, it’s assertive. She’s one to go out and get things done rather than sit around and twiddle her thumbs. Even after getting forced out of the only place she ever knew, she simply went to Megaton and made herself a new life as a Wastelander. An obstacle doesn’t mean she stops; it means she’ll just keep moving in a different direction.

Catherine was raised by her scientist father in a closed, safe environment. His priority was to keep her safe at all costs, and thus drove several values into her head. Selflessness, honor, compassion. For her years in the Vault, this got her bullied by several of her peers. This served her well until after years of doing so, it all turned out to be fruitless as she was forced out with the other option being “get killed.” However, even as she saw these ideals crumble, she still held to them, even with sweaty palms.

Catherine highly respects her father, being the only family she ever had. He was always there for her in times of need before he left the Vault and didn’t take insults about him very well. When she returned to the Vault for the factional crisis, she had to bear many insults, but the ones that almost started firefights were the ones that blamed her father for the mess. This respect spread towards his pet project, Project Purity. Even after he died, she carried out her father’s work with the same level of enthusiasm that he showed.

Her Pip-Boy is very important to her, less for the value of the machinery and more of the attachment to the Vault. Much as she may complain about it being awkward, cumbersome, or generally any complaint about it, it’s still her last and only physical connection to her home. Like a child with a security blanket, Catherine wouldn’t part with her Pip-Boy even if she was able to.

Her upbringing in the Vault and all the values her father tried to instill came into conflict with the harshness of the Capital Wasteland. It proved a cruel, almost inhospitable environment, but Catherine never let go of those values. Mostly. While she tries to stay on the positive side of things, enough frustration will show that her time in the Wastes has been trying. She swears like a sailor. She lies. She’s selfish. She wants compensation. She enjoys a good explosion. On rare occasion, she steals and possibly murders.

While she can be irritated into swearing, lying and selfishness relatively easily, the others require a great deal of frustration from the Good Path simply not working. However, her values aren’t a façade – even if she succumbs to those vices, she tries to rationalize and justify that she resorted to those actions. Her actions were taken for the greater good, or it was human nature, or anything that keeps her from thinking that she’s falling from grace.

Being raised inside a sealed vault for twenty years does a number on one’s conception of normal. The ideas that were ingrained into her head painted a very clear picture of the outside world – a desolate wasteland completely incapable of supporting human life and only viable for the hideously mutated beasts. The general picture was that if she had gone outside, she was a goner. She suffers from agoraphobia on occasion, but time outside has taught her that it isn’t quite as bad as her mind makes it out to be.

This segues nicely into her grounded cynicism towards just about everything. Belief or faith is very difficult for Catherine, especially as she came to learn her initial perception of home, life and given truths were all based upon lies, not just from the Vault, but also her own father. She’ll believe a claim only when it has been proven in front of her to be real. She’ll be swayed somewhat if she hears the same story from separate people, but it’s rarely enough to make her believe.

The Lone Wanderer, 2/2

[identity profile] 2011-09-23 10:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Like her parents before her, Catherine is something of a scientist and a particularly intelligent one at that. Due to the circumstances of her life, however, she was never able to pursue scientific knowledge for very long outside of the Vault. Once outside, while her repertoire expanded to cover more subjects, she wasn’t able to go very deep within them. Even as a member of Project Purity, she wasn’t essential – she was support. They didn’t need her brain, they needed her muscle. This is something of a bone of contention for her; she’s either considered one of the smartest people around, but around other book-smart people, she is quickly outstripped.

However, she was smart in other ways. How many scientists do you know that can wield a minigun with relative ease? For all her intelligent background, she was forced into the Wasteland with little else than the clothes on her back, a weapon with little ammunition, and no home to return to. Her mercenary skills, by necessity more than desire, far exceed her book skills. She’s proficient with small guns and energy weapons, though she shines with explosives and big guns. She's not half bad with a lockpick either.

One of her defining skills is her mechanical aptitude, a skill that was shining through even in the Vault. While it wasn’t her specific job, at the age of sixteen, she took apart a jukebox that was broken for thirty years that maintenance couldn’t get to work and fixed it in no time at all. In the Wasteland, she used that skill to greater heights, able to keep weaponry in near-perfect condition and fix just about any problem that centuries of disuse had caused. Her crowning moment that gave her a recognized name in the Wasteland was disabling a nuclear bomb in a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, she is something of a survivalist; she quite literally wrote the book on surviving outdoors. While Moira Brown actually wrote the book and Catherine provided the research, what’s impressive about this is that the research was all done in the month immediately following her escape from the Vault. In other words, she quite literally wrote the book on outdoor survival after almost twenty years of living indoors. Dealing with issues such as illness, traps, creatures, finding food, or injury come as second nature to her.

Sample Entry:

Of all the... okay, this is getting ridiculous! Where's the Overseer? Who pays maintenance down here? They had better be on strike, because conditions down here are fucking appalling! I mean, okay, the giant spotlight is impressive, but! Who the hell lets the drinking water just spill through the floor on its own? We kinda need that and wasting it isn't exactly setting a good damn example!

And hey, Overseer! You might want to come to terms with them quickly, because the floor is more mold than fucking metal right now! Far as the eye can see! How lazy and incompetent do you have to be!


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Name: Ethan
Personal LJ: [ profile] ideally_awesome
Contact Info: AIM: Captain Gardock, Punch Dinosaurs | Plurk: Gardock

Character Name: Archer
Character Series: Fate/stay night (


Archer's canon is a VN with three branching paths making basically three AU versions of the actual canon. Though the route in which he's most important is Unlimited Blade Works, I'm going to take him from Fate to give myself a little more to do with the character. 90% of his backstory is the same anyway.


Do you know the etmyology of “gar” as internet slang? It was invented for Archer. Literally. ( The point is, he's a pretty masculine dude. Confident, nonchalant, collected, reliable, Byronic, the works. He's the type to never be evidently scared of an enemy, but not to rush in yelling about how invincible he is either. That's not to say his ego is never a problem; he has been known to underestimate opponents and beyond that he's generally kind of a smug, condescending asshole—just in a way that gives the impression that he can back it up in experience. He's also pretty goddamn resolute; perhaps it's largely because death isn't so bad when you're already just a Servant and have died innumerable times, but Archer doesn't mind risking or sacrificing his life to accomplish a goal. Of course, that's nothing new. The first time he died, his real death, it was already in pursuit of his ideal to what he thought would be the very end.

About that Byronism thing: Archer is so grimdark. He's fairly stoic in the sense that it's basically impossible to tell what his deal is, or that his mood ever runs deeper than “wryly amused and/or exasperated at the dipshits around him,” but deep in his mind he's always brooding like Batman. Resultingly, he's especially arrogant and caustic to those who aren't. Got an innocent, idealistic heart? Fuck you the world sucks and you're going to die alone. Archer can't put up with anybody's naivete. Ideals are basically stupid shitty deathwishes and he will compulsively let you know it.

Despite most of these not really being traits Shirou Emiya ever had, all that really separates Heroic Spirit Emiya from the man he was while still alive is age and misery; the death of his lover, being betrayed by those he saved, lifetimes' worth of failure and loss and the total breakdown of the ideals by which he lived his life. If Archer is a total abrasive ultracynical prick, it's because he learned to be the very, very hard way. It should go without saying he regrets his life choices pretty damn hard. So hard, in fact, that if weird timey-wimey shit were to plant him down in the same Holy Grail War as an alternate timeline version of his younger, alive self, he would pretty strongly consider temporal suicide if it were at all an option. Just hypothetically. No, seriously, though, there is nobody Archer-who-is-Shirou-Emiya hates or could possibly hate more than Shirou Emiya.

Ironically, the diametric personality change that defines Archer isn't as complete as he claims/wants it to be. He talks a big game about being willing to sacrifice innocents, and he's an experienced killer of his actual enemies, but Archer still almost compulsively helps people (particularly, he's developed a fondness for helping them improve; he basically gives out unsolicited constructive criticism to everyone about everything. It kind of doubles as being an asshole, but his intentions are good on some level) unless he has something direct to gain from not doing so, and there are moral lines he's had the chance to cross to achieve his goals but didn't. He even admits that if he could have anything at all, he'd take world peace; for all he wants to destroy his old, failed ideals, he's still hanging onto the barest thread of them.

Also, he's obsessed with swords.

Sample Entry: A bit old and meant for a different game, but alas! (


[identity profile] 2011-09-24 01:29 am (UTC)(link)
Thanks for applying! Check out this page to finish the process!

Lawfer 1/2

[identity profile] 2011-09-24 01:03 am (UTC)(link)
Name: DL/Wighty
Personal LJ: [ profile] wighty
Contact Info: AIM: DLWriter7, Plurk: Holsety

Character Name: Lawfer
Character Series: Valkyrie Profile (
Background: Each character gets an extremely brief day in the limelight after which the plot aligns with the link given above, so I'll just describe Lawfer's section briefly. I'll be taking some plot points from the manga. The son of the Captain of Artolia's Royal Guard, Lawfer is Arngrim's close friend who falls into despair after Arngrim seemingly goes berserk, murders half of the castle's guards, then commits suicide. As Arngrim cannot be punished, his brother, Roland, is imprisoned and set to be executed to pay for Arngrim's sins. After a long period of angst, Lawfer decides he cannot stand by and allow this to happen; although his friends Celia and Kashell attempt to convince him not to go through with such a foolhardy plan, he believes too strongly in his cause.

Lawfer's death is never shown; however, it can be assumed that, as he predicted, he was killed saving Roland. We don't find out what happens to Roland. Celia and Kashell are killed later on, also becoming Einherjar. In the manga, Lawfer is encouraged to go through with his plan by a vampire who accompanies him; before he is able to save Roland, the vampire turns on him, using his negative emotion to convert him to an undead. Fortunately, the Valkyrie arrives and is able to purify his soul.

Point in Canon: Endgame, prior to Ragnarok.
Personality: Lawfer is a true soldier with the ideals of duty, honor, and justice drilled into his head by his training and by his upbringing. His family's dedication was such that he was named for Law, to represent the ideals that the term represented. Like the stereotypical knight of old, he speaks and behaves with perfect dispassion; to those whom he is not well acquainted, he maintains the outer exterior of a calm stoic always striving to perfect his combat abilities. After the death of Arngrim, he ascends to the position of Knight Captain and becomes the most powerful warrior in all Artolia. Yet at the same time, he becomes so detached from his men that they cannot maintain any connection with him, simply standing in awe of his fighting prowess.

Inside, Lawfer struggles constantly with his doubts. When Arngrim was alive, Lawfer made little of his own abilities, saying that he could never match up to Arngrim, and that he would never be as good as his father would like him to be. After Arngrim's apparent suicide, and due to the circumstances of his closest friend's death, Lawfer continued to doubt himself, still believing that he would always remain inferior. Most troubling of all, the death of Arngrim shattered everything he had been raised to believe. What had caused Arngrim to kill so many? He knew the man well; Lawfer simply could not bring himself to believe that a good man could perform such actions.

When Roland, Arngrim's brother, is to be executed for Arngrim's crimes, Lawfer finally snaps, exclaiming that there is no justice in such an action. His ideals are so strong that he willingly sacrifices himself to save the innocent man. In death, Lawfer finally seems to find peace, saying that he is glad he is named for the law. He is glad that he was able to come to terms with the struggle within his heart, and glad, even, that he has found the answer he has always sought before his death.

Lawfer 2/2

[identity profile] 2011-09-24 01:05 am (UTC)(link)
This is all the obvious canonical stuff. There are some hints as to Lawfer's personality around his friends -- With Arngrim, Celia, and Kashell, Lawfer behaves in a somewhat more friendly fashion, softening only to the people he believes to be friends. Around such people, he opens up and becomes willing to laugh, to joke, and to unburden himself. It is suggested that he created such a cold exterior because he feared to be emotionally hurt. It is suggested by some that Lawfer had feelings for Arngrim, though this is largely non-canonical. Finally, a secret scene accessible with Kashell suggests that Lawfer really does enjoy fighting; he just has a massive inferiority complex.

Sample Entry:
Listen well, all of you. I intend to organize a mission to explore the northern forests; it seems they may hold no small number of the anemoi gems within their depths. Needless to say, success would be the desirable outcome.

It would be foolhardy to go alone. Those who may be trained for combat, I ask for your assistance. It would be well if we left before the close of the week. Those who have no training as such... Again, we need not depart before the close of the week. I am willing, as I have always been, to give instruction in the basics of self-defense and the use of common weaponry. If you should doubt my credentials, I would be pleased to demonstrate my worth with the pointed end of my spear.

Respond as soon as is convenient and possible. Much preparation must be made... My name, should it be unknown, is Lawfer. Your attention is appreciated.

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Tatsuma Sakamoto - pt. 1

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Name: Tori
Personal LJ: [ profile] tsunbear
Contact Info: RageCandyBars (AIM, inactive)
Plurk (

Character Name: Tatsuma Sakamoto
Character Series: Gintama (
Background: Wikipedia blurb (

Personality: Like so many young men of the time, Sakamoto went to war against the Amanto when they invaded Earth. This of course was towards the end of the war but not before the most gruesome part. He was a part of the Jouishishi, the same faction as Gintoki, Katsura, and Takasugi, and helped them build up the Joui's reputation into a faction that the human race could trust rather than being full of traitors. During the war, he made a name for himself as being a master swordsman and was remembered for being a great tactical fighter. But at the same time, he grew tired of watching his comrades and friends die. In the last days of the war, Sakamoto had decided that he wasn't cut out for a life that would amount to nothing after the war was over. He had bigger plans for what he wanted to do with his life, namely going into space and making his dreams of traveling the cosmos a reality. He told Gintoki that instead of choosing sides he would take a more neutral stance when it came to dealing with the Amanto and be the link that would connect the them with the humans. A day or so after opening up to Gintoki, Sakamoto said goodbye to everyone and disappeared. In the years that followed, Sakamoto worked on creating one of the biggest and most successful trading fleets in the galaxy, the Kaientai.

He resurfaced in Gintoki's life abruptly after Sadaharu singled him out at the termanal. Of course, being the idiot that he is, he thought the headache was from being hung over and the blood coming out of his head was tomato juice. So he didn't think or realize that there was something else wrong entirely. After this incident he stumbled off to board the ship, bleeding, and with the giant dog still attached to his head. He then reappeared no worse for wear (other than having a dog stuck to his head and a bad case of motion sickness) when he knocked out a hijacker with a door. Since the day he accidentally crash landed the ship that Gintoki, Kagura, Shinpachi, and him were on into a desert planet and forcing the the Kaientai to save him and the other passengers, he has popped up every now and then. Though he's mostly exiled to a life in the openings and endings of the series; the very place where Gintoki thinks he should stay forever.

Tatsuma Sakamoto - pt. 2

[identity profile] 2011-09-24 02:35 am (UTC)(link)
Sakamoto is an airhead, a natural-born idiot if you will. He tries to look on the bright side of life, but at the same time he pushes the positive thinking limit. That's not to say that he isn't incapable of making snarky remarks from time to time, but he rather stay upbeat. There's also a hidden side to this man only known to his co-workers and former comrades. When he's not being a total space cadet he quickly takes charge in any situation and is ready to sacrifice himself to save others. It's rumored that he knows all there is to know about amanto technology, and has been seen dismantling an gun and putting it back together as a gag gun homing device. However, after these burst of seriousness are done and the threat or the sale has been taken care of, he reverts back to his default state. One must also wonder if he's actually as dumb as he seems or he's just obfuscating stupidity to get a rise out of people.

Like all great space captains, Sakamoto is a playboy. He's probably contracted every curable space STD known to man though still prefers Earth women. He obsesses over Oryo, a hostess that works at the same Club Smile. who he makes the effort to visit every time he visits Earth to her annoyance. He also hits on almost every pretty woman he happens to see while on leave. Most of the time, his endeavors are most often met with a quick "NO THANK YOU!" and a sometimes a swift knee to the crotch or cold water dumped on him. Because of this behavior of his, he easily finds himself on the bad side of women everywhere. Special mention goes to his second in command, Mutsu, who finds his constant womanizing, running away, getting lost, getting drunk, getting lost again, and the fact that he's still breathing to be very, very irritating.

He believes that it's bad manners to forget how to spell and pronounce someone's name, and yet at the same time Sakamoto himself forgets Gintoki's name often. Though it's most likely an unwanted nickname seeing as how he's been shown capable of remembering his name during serious moments.


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Lyon | Suikoden V | 1/2

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Name: Ally
Personal LJ: [ profile] littlethousand
Contact Info: AIM: little thousands; Plurk: tenkai (

Character Name: Lyon
Character Series: Suikoden V (
Character Age: 17
Background: Gensopedia! (

Most noteworthy is Lyon's dedication to her position as a Queen's Knight apprentice and the bodyguard of Freyjadour Falenas, the Prince of Falena. Her entire world revolves around this duty of hers; nearly everything she says and does is for the sake of the Prince. More often than not, this causes her to come off as overprotective and sometimes even a little overbearing, but she only ever has Frey's safety in mind. Even so, it's obvious that she has good intentions and only wishes to fulfill her duty as best as she can. Such is her dedication to her cause that she trains like mad despite serious injuries and doctor's orders to stay in bed, all so that she can be up and about as soon as possible.

Predictably, she is a plucky and brave little thing. If her Prince's life or honor needs to be defended, you can count on Lyon to be there to speak her piece or draw her blade when she deems it necessary. Insults to Frey's good name are more likely to get her riled up than any personal affronts, even. All the same, she'll defend herself just as staunchly, if only because of the intense pride she takes in her position. Her dedication to to the knights isn't solely a matter of duty and obligation, though. She does it out of loyalty to the royal family, and because of a personal debt she owes to Ferid, who saved her from Nether Gate.

Her past is a bit of a touchy subject with her; it's not something she likes to share openly, for obvious reasons. Had Ferid not taken her under his wing, she would have become a full-fledged assassin at eight years old. Ashamed of and disgusted with the fact that, if not for Ferid, she would be killing people without remorse right now instead of serving the Knights, she is forever grateful to her Commander for saving her. And it's for that reason that she believes she must give her all in her protection of the Prince. At the same time, however, she is very insecure about her dark past, and she believes that she is not worthy to serve the royal family. When the time comes for her to reveal the truth to the Prince and his companions, she is on the verge of tears, convinced that they will reject her because of her ties to the assassin guild.

She is polite, proper, and very formal; an image she believes she needs to uphold, for the sake of the Queen's Knights' honorable reputation. She even goes so far to remind Georg, a man much older and more experienced than her, to be "be polite and use the proper forms of address" when they're at court. As a result, she tends to come off as a very serious business, no nonsense kind of girl... which she is, but she is also incredibly naive. Being flirted with and hit on confuses her to the point of annoyance, and any suitors will receive a swift rejection. Similarly, she doesn't enjoy being teased or degraded, and she'll react negatively to either. In general, though, she's fairly outspoken and never hesitates to speak her mind when she has a strong opinion about something. This often leads to her coming off as rather bossy; Sialeeds even goes as far as to call her a "little tyrant" when she shuts down everyone's ideas for a castle name. (In Lyon's defense, Sindar Castle, Mohawk Head Castle, and Castle of the May Sigh Shimmering on the Pale Blue Water are all terrible names.)


[identity profile] 2011-09-24 02:41 am (UTC)(link)
Lyon is very kind and caring as well as well. She speaks out against the suffering of the village of Lordlake -- directly to Queen Arshtat herself, even, who could have obliterated her with the Sun Rune for her insolence at any given moment. And although she has no problem with drawing her weapon to defend the Prince, his allies, and his cause, she prefers a safe, peaceful resolution to any conflicts that may come up. If there is any way for her to avoid a pointless battle, she will gladly take that path. She is optimistic and hopeful; her belief in the fact that the Loyalist Army will prevail in the civil war never wavers, even at the very worst of times.

Sample Entry:


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Joachim Valentine | Shadow Hearts Covenant | 1/...2?

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Name: Foxfire
Personal LJ: [ profile] m_a_foxfire
Contact Info:
AIM: AlopexPlasma
Plurk: MadarFoxfire

Character Name: Joachim Valentine
Character Series: Shadow Hearts: Covenant Wiki! (

Background: The wiki is sparse on actual backstory details, most of which are rather scattered. Joachim showed up in the first game in bat mode, was kind of a grouch, and provided his little brother with his ultimate weapon, which he ended up breaking while clowning around between the two games. He zipped off to avoid the inevitable argument, and collapsed somewhere in France, where he was taken in by a kindly old lady innkeeper and her grandkids.

At some point, he encountered the traveling wrestling master, The Great Gama, and trained with him for a while before they split up. Anyway, the aforementioned old lady was being harassed by the mayor, who was after a treasure buried under her inn and was also not above hiring thugs to go after her. Joachim took on the identity of the superhero GRAND PAPILLON to protect his new pals and that's where the wiki picks up.

He also shows up for a sidequest in the third like either ten or fourteen years later (technically it might be ten years one way and fourteen another; Covenant has some ultra-weird time travel shit at the end) in which he's trying to get out of debt by running a sushi restaurant/battleground in Nevada.

2/2 what am I doing

[identity profile] 2011-09-24 11:19 pm (UTC)(link)

The most obvious thing about this guy is that he's a huge ham (apparently a natural trait although the superhero wrestler training made it even worse). And also a huge weirdo, like pretty much everyone else in the series. A great deal of his plain ordinary conversational lines are hugely overacted and laced with expansive arm gestures. He gives incredibly out of place manly speeches to inanimate objects at the drop of the hat, at one point working himself into a spate of manly tears over a broken house pillar. He then picked up the pillar and walked away with it, as they had bonded. He's also done this with everything from someone's mailbox to a fully manned miniature submarine to a frozen tuna. He's semi genre-savvy, defending his impractical transformation mechanics to Yuri with the logic that nobody likes superheroes without any weak points.

Despite the vampire thing and the sexed-up spiky outfit, he's pretty much solidly a good guy. He's very into justice and loyalty, shown by his defense of the Lot family and the fact that he's willingly gone into some fairly grim situations with the rest of the part despite the fact that he's one of the few without having anything personal at stake. He also loves kids and is an absolute sucker when they're involved. He pretty much adopts Yuma and John as surrogate siblings and lets the latter use his snazzy butterfly mask as a hairclip, which ends up temporarily screwing him over when she gets kidnapped. He also lets the little girl who joins the main party walk all over him. He's generally pretty good-natured and is fairly playful in battles that aren't super serious business. The only trivial situation in which he's gotten ticked off is when the main character laughed at the whole sparkly vampire thing, and even then he just got a bit snappish.

He's reckless and isn't much for thinking ahead (Keith's broken sword, the fact that he didn't consider shooing off the little girl - a camera-happy little girl at that - before the rather… explicit end to the Man Festival, his issues with debt in later games, that horribly managed sushi battle restaurant - regular sushi is boring so lets have the customers fight men in sushi costumes before eating also they don't have to pay). He's fairly bright in some areas, though - he's smart enough to figure out how crests work, he's pretty quick about picking up new techniques, and he knows a hell of a lot of languages considering his reputation as a huge meathead. Then again, he's like over four hundred years old so he's had a lot of time to study said languages, but it says a lot about him that he spent said time studying linguistics instead of just lying around snoozing all day. Admittedly, he does do a lot of that which seems to come with the vampire territory. They sleep when bored which is fairly often and they can keep it up for decades, and Joachim's usually one of the first party members to turn in for the night.

He also seems to have a slightly different personality in bat form, like the rest of his family to varying degrees. It's not all that extreme in his case, he's just a bit more abrasive. Then again, his form changes are essentially triggered by hormone levels, so batform seems to be more of an effect of the mood than a cause. On the third hand, his changes also rely on cutscene power so I'm going to handwave them as being somewhat controllable and somewhat not depending on narrative convenience which is pretty much what canon does anyway. Regardless, Gold Bat form is more aggressive, Invisible form is more playful, and Grand Papillon form is both. It's a way less extreme personality change than, say, his sister has. It's probably due to the same phenomenon that causes folks to act extra goofy when in cosplay.

Sample Entry: Testrun! (


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Name: Tenchi
Personal LJ: [profile] chibitenchi86
Contact Info: If you can’t get ahold of me by now, that’s just sad.

Character Name: Ruby
Character Series: Pokemon Special (
Background: Character info (
Point in Canon: Right after the Emerald arc.

Personality: On the outside, Ruby seems to be a shallow, self-absorb person who only cares about beauty. He's constantly showing off his Pokémon and their achievements, and spends an incredible amount of time grooming them to look their best. He even goes as far as to make them clothes to wear! In addition to making his Pokémon clothes, Ruby with his sewing and knitting skills he makes his own outfits as well as Sapphire's. He's vain enough to usually not wear his glasses- even though he needs them- and detests getting dirty.

But he isn't stubborn enough to realize when he's wrong and will go out of his way to apologize. And isn't shy about sticking up for the people he cares about or his Pokémon. Ruby will also go out of his way to do what he can to protect the people he cares for, even if it means locking them into a car to keep them out of danger. And although he did confess his feelings to Sapphire, he claims to have forgotten during the fight against their opponent/is playing dumb because he's embarrassed and doesn't want to deal with said embarrassment.

His passions are Pokémon contests, sewing, beauty, making Poké blocks, and photography. And while he is extremely good at battling, he prefers not to as he believes it is barbaric and doesn't want his Pokémon to get dirty. Unless he can't help it. Even then, Ruby prefers to battle in secret to not show people how strong he is. But once in battle, he becomes super serious and intense. He isn't lacking in the knowledge department either. Just by observing his opponents he is able to read their moves and know their temperament to give him the edge.

Sample Entry: This should work! (


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Thanks for applying! Take a look!

Jaime Reyes | DC Comics | Reserved

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Name: Zi
Personal LJ: [ profile] regalblaze
Contact Info: aim | bengali sonata

Character Name: Jaime Reyes | Blue Beetle
Character Series: DC Comics (His specific book is Blue Beetle (
Background: here we go! (

Personality: Of the teenage heroes in the DCU, Jaime acts the most down-to-earth. Despite his larger-than-life powers (or perhaps in spite of them), he prefers the lifestyle of a normal easy-going teenager. He goes out of his way to be friendly towards people - he once helped an old enemy of his predecessor, the first Blue Beetle - and he especially tries his hardest to be kind and genuine towards everyone he meets. Even if he dislikes someone, Jaime won't outright demean him in public. In Jaime's world, people who are treated with kindness and respect often pay back that same kindness and respect tenfold.

His opinion distinguishes him from pretty much every other superhero in the DCU. Most of his peers have larger-than-life personalities to match their larger-than-life logos, and it's especially obvious when Jaime teams up with them in battle. While his peers may suggest violence as an answer, Jaime rarely resorts to violence. It'll never be the first thing that comes to his mind; it was pretty obvious to everyone when Jaime's deepest, darkest power fantasy came to life... and Jaime became a dentist.

This power fantasy falls in line with Jaime's love for his family. He only wants enough power to care for his family, and once he can provide for them? He doesn't need any more. Since family matters so much to him, Jaime makes the extra effort to know each and every one of his extended family members, and he regularly attends family reunions even if he doesn't want to. Amusingly enough, Jaime's immediate family has known that Jaime was the Blue Beetle from day one and they even help him out whenever he needs it. This lack of secrecy has been a blessing for Jaime, since it allows him to openly discuss his problems with his parents and kid sister.

He also respects his elders and authority figures. Jaime likes to believe that his mother taught him better and often treats everyone with the respect that they deserve. It takes a lot to lose Jaime's trust, but when someone does, watch out. An angry Jaime will stoop to the lowest level to ensure that the perpetrator receives their just rewards. His biggest berserk button would have to be his friends and family, as they are literally his entire world; he wouldn't think twice to hurt someone who hurt them.

Even though he hates to admit it, Jaime can potentially manipulate people and play the political game. He's incredibly intelligent - and although he prefers pacifistic methods - and can figure out a situation long before his enemy realizes it. He's more sarcastic in costume - it comes with the job - but there's still weak points. Jaime can't speak in public - and he often freezes and acts awkward when put in the spotlight - and he can't bear to see someone in trouble. He's mentally beat himself up dozens of times when he wasn't able to save someone's life---and only Superman and his father were able to snap him out of his funks.

At the end of the day, Jaime's just a normal kid who has his priorities straight and wants to do the right thing, no matter how hard that decision may be.

Sample Entry: multiple choice action! (


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Thanks for applying! Now that you've been accepted, please follow the directions here.
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Rin Tohsaka ✧ Fate/Stay Night ✧ RESERVED

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Name: Kattu
Personal LJ: [ profile] tohsaka
Contact Info:
AIM: s.a.b.e.r
PLURK: kaleidostick

Character Name: Rin Tohsaka

Character Series: Fate/Stay Night @ T-M Wiki

Background: Tohsaka Rin @ T-M Wiki. Unlimited Blade Works the route is known as Rin's heroine route. There's also a movie that doesn't seem to have a good write up that references the anime and the UBW route. But hey, if you want a summary in less than 5 minutes, this AMV right here hits the spot.
The first child of the fourth generation of a magi family formed only two hundred years ago leaves a lot of pressure. Life is as normal as can be for her: she studies magecraft and martial arts training in private under her father's mentoring and spends the rest of the time with her precious younger sister, Sakura. While the path of a magus is not an easy one, she found solace in her sister's presence, but that was short lived as her father allows their 'rival' family to adopt her. With the realization that she must become superior to Sakura in every way or run the risk of being the rival in the shadows, Rin picks up on her studies. There's pressure on all angles on her life that increase tenfold with the sudden death of her father when she's just a young child. With her mother's sanity lost, her sister now belonging to the Matou family, and her father gone, there's only one individual left to be her legal guardian: Kirei Kotomine (who, unsurprisingly, is the man who killed her father). Despite all of these heartbreaking incidents in her life, she only finds strength in them, refusing to break down or cry even at her father's funeral, displaying a maturity unheard of for her age. There is only succession on her mind to carry her on through these troubling times - she will surpass her father and make him proud.
"Good looking, smart, athletic, and faultless. She's intelligent, well mannered, and modest about her looks. People say she's the ideal woman.
So it hardly needs to be said that the guys at my school treat her like an idol.
Though in Tohsaka's case, she's so perfect that she's considered unreachable."

Keeping her sorcery a secret at school is a must, as well as the rest of her duties, so while at school Rin adapts a different personality. A modest and pleasant individual who is admired by just about everyone. Female students look up to her as a role model and male students admire her in all ways, but don't dare approach her for a relationship as she will shoot them down bluntly. Allowing friends in is a weakness as they will discover just what she is and may actually be used against her during a crucial point of the Holy Grail War. She refuses to join clubs and take part in after school activities for this purpose, remaining an enigma only be desired.
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With the beginning of this war comes a lot of responsibility: for one, Rin is the charge of Fuyuki City which is the hosting grounds for this war. Due to this, she needs not only the most outstanding Servant at her side, but she must spend the next few weeks of her life being devoted to this war. Overlooking everything; thankfully, she has the assistance of her legal guardian, Kirei Kotomine, but even so - this is her responsibility and her's alone. In her impatience, she summons a different Servant than the one she was aiming for. Archer, instead of the preferred Saber. Later on, she figures out just why it was she ended up with Archer instead of Saber; it was the result of a miracle she performs on the very first night of the Holy Grail War.

It doesn't take long for the rest of the Servants to arrive: in fact, the first fight of the war is fought between Rin's Archer and Lancer. It is cut short due to the pair noticing a third party and Lancer obeying the rules of the war (to eliminate any witnesses). This third party is an idiot student at the school by the name of Shirou Emiya and Lancer makes quick work of him, piercing him with Gáe Bolg. No wound received from the cursed spear can ever heal, but Rin defies all logic by using her precious family memento (the necklace) to perform the miracle of repairing his heart. An impossible feat that gets her a scholarship into the Clock Tower after the war. In a rush, she abandons it at his side to leave with Archer. While returning to her home, she's attacked once again by Saber who only wants to protect her Master, but stops when he instructs her.

Realizing that Shirou Emiya is her Master and knows nothing about the war he's suddenly a part of (leaving her very confused as to how he managed a pact with the most outstanding Servant class), she escorts him to the church so he could speak with Kirei Kotomine. Once Shirou confirms that he is going to remain in the war (much to Rin's disappointment for several reasons), they escort each other back home. It is then they are attacked by Illyasviel and her impressive Servant, Berserker. He is chased off with an impressive attack made by Archer that surprisingly almost takes out Shirou and Saber as well (it is questionable whether or not that Rin could have been hurt during it - she was caught in it, but had the warning to move). The next day at school, she demands that Shirou unhands his Command Seals to her so that she could become Saber's Master. After all, her priority is to have the best Servant to help her win this war (for her personal reasons). Plus, after the engagement with Berserker, she feels even more pressure to be on top of things. Their pathetic spat is interrupted when the school is attacked by another Servant: Rider. Working together, the two repel the invasive Servant. At this point, they decide it is beneficial if they work together.

Several incidents occurred shortly after; Rin dreamed of a hero who was betrayed by his ideals, Shirou was lulled in by Caster in an attempt to take his command seals (by this point, you're understanding that Saber is a highly sought after servant), Archer tried to kill Shirou, and Rider being killed. By this time, the distance between Archer and his master had become more and more noticeable. In order to work together better, Rin decided to stay at Shirou's home permanently.

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canthandleacape: (Yeah that'll go well.)

BOOSTER GOLD is not the character I reserved, whoops! [1/2]

[personal profile] canthandleacape 2011-09-26 12:44 am (UTC)(link)
Name: AF
Personal LJ: [ profile] hotandcoldrp
Contact Info: AIM: DecepticonAF; e-mail:; Plurk: hotandcoldaf

Character Name: Michael "Booster" Jon Carter AKA Booster Gold AKA Supernova
Character Series: It's DC Comics, you might've heard of it before?
Background: You'll want to stop reading in the "52 and Supernova" section, that's my canon point.
Personality: Booster Gold is a selfish, egotistical, loud-mouthed, shallow, immoral jackass.

At least, that's what he can easily appear to be and it tends to be the face he puts on in public, especially after he came to realize that that was what people tended to expect from him. Of course, the best facades have basis in reality, and this is especially true with Booster. All the listed characteristics are faults that Booster possesses, but the part that makes it a façade is that Booster is aware that they're faults and tries to reel them in in his private life and exaggerate them in his public one. Of course, circumstances have also eroded the prominence of some of these traits, particularly the egotism.

In fact, Booster's egotism has been so eroded by circumstances that it's even gone so far as to become a lack of self-esteem, even an overwhelming one. As poor as the opinions of other heroes or the public can get of Booster, they can never quite get as low as Booster's opinion of himself can. He no longer really considers himself a hero, and doesn't particularly think he was ever a real hero to begin with. It almost goes without saying that Booster at this point in his life is a far, far cry from the 19-year-old kid who crawled out of a wrecked time machine on the outskirts of Metropolis with a grin on his face and dreams of grandeur in his head. The experiences he's been through and the lengthy list of people he's lost have worn down on him a lot.

What remains, however, is Booster's egocentrism, so to speak. Booster doesn't consider himself the best thing ever, but he does consider himself the center of his personal universe, in a way. More specifically, he considers his actions to be the deciding factor in what happens around him. So when things are good, Booster's pretty pleased with himself, but when things are bad, he considers it a personal failing. This is often worsened by the fact that Booster is from the future, and, as such, things that are current events are also ancient history to him, and so when he fails to see something coming (like, say, Sue Dibny's death) or when he does see something coming and fails to stop it (like, say, Ted's death), he then feels that he should've known things were coming and that he should've been able to stop them. So, yes, he is extremely prone to being plagued with guilt, especially over things that nobody in their right mind would consider holding him accountable for.

Part of this is also that what's most important to Booster is not actually himself, but those around him. As a time-traveler, Booster is basically cut off from everything and most especially everyone he once knew, which got even worse after he lost his sister. As such, the JLI was basically his replacement family during his time with them and there is nothing he wouldn't do for them, even if they don't always get along. Of course, there's nothing he wouldn't do for his biological family, either.
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[personal profile] canthandleacape 2011-09-26 12:44 am (UTC)(link)
Booster is kind of a dick, though, don't get any misconceptions about that. He's certainly not above taking potshots or doing terrible things. Notable is the fact that Booster has never expressed any sort of regret over starting his superheroic career with a massive theft (regret over how his superhero career ended up, yes, not how it started), and, in fact, he's proven a couple of times that he'd do it again.
Booster also lies a lot. And, perhaps more importantly, has a lot to lie about. He doesn't want people to know his origin, he doesn't want them to know the sketchier things he's done, he doesn't want them to know when he's feeling down, etc., etc., etc. That all being said, Booster's not an all bad guy. He usually really honestly does want to do the right thing, he's just usually really bad at figuring out how to go about doing it. Really, really bad. His heart is usually in the right place, it's just that his head often isn't.

And then there's Supernova. Supernova is, in a way, Booster's attempt at doing the whole superhero thing again, but right this time. Which really comes out to mean that Supernova is pretty much the opposite of Booster Gold in every way. He's a very idealized hero: brave, noble, and professional, with strong, unwavering principles. Supernova would never monetize his superheroic image or get involved in a scam like Kooey Kooey Kooey or be completely useless when people start dying left and right! (Though this last one doesn't quite work out in practice, Booster still being as much of a terrible-shit-magnet as always.) And while's he's still fairly personable, it's different from Booster's friendly, casual personableness: while Booster will give you a nickname within two sentences of your first conversation with him, Supernova will be calling you by your last name even months later.

Sample Entry: A testrun post!


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Valvatorez | Disgaea 4 | SARDINES

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Name: Prof
Personal LJ: [ profile] professor_prof
Contact Info: AIM ZebulonCrispi, Plurk ProfessorProf

Character Name: Valvatorez
Character Series:
Point in Canon: After end of game, before any post-game content.
Valvatorez is a demon. In Disgaea's setting, this means a great many things, not all of them what one might expect - he's evil, ostensibly, but only in the sense that he terrorizes humans on occasion (or did in the past) and refuses to associate with angels (even that is suspect at best). He's accustomed to a society defined by violence and chaos, where might makes right and political debats often end in physical combat. However, despite all this, he's a relatively nice guy - he works educating the lowest class of demons (prinnies), and loves it. When he sees a netherworld lain low by a corrupt government, he fights for social and political reform - literally fights, that is, but this IS the netherworld we're talking about.

Despite being a vampire, Valvatorez never takes the blood of humans, despite repeated attempts from his right-hand man Fenrich to trick him into doing so. The result of this is that he's lost nearly all of his once-immense power, but he doesn't seem to mind. The REASON he won't drink human blood is because of a promis he made 400 years ago - a human named Artina offered him her blood out of the kindness of her heart, and he prmoised not to accept it until he could make her fear demons. She died tragically before he could fulfill his promise, and the event emotionally impacted him gravely. Not only does he keep that promise to this day, but he keeps EVERY promise he makes, no matter what the cost. A particular side effect of this is that, in place of human blood, Valvatorez has developed a bit of a fixation on sardines. He eats them almost obsessively, praises their health benefits to no end, and will go on and on about sardine trivia, even if nobody's listening.

Valvatorez's least demonic trait is his incredible faith in others. He consistently assumes that people are good, reliable people at heart, even when there is little to no reason to. This extends to demons, humans, or angles without discrimination. The positive side of this is that he attracts a tight core of respectable friends, who trust him as well as he trust them, and forms incredibly strong bonds with his friends and comrades. The downside of this is that he's a gullible moron. It's far from uncommon for people to make the most ridiculous claims to Valvatorez, such as all of reality being a dream that somebody else is having, and he'll instantly take the word as law. The only way to dissuade him is for someone he trusts even more to point out how ridiculous he's being, at which point he usually gets back to sane business.

Valvatorez is a politician, but to him, the role is a means to an end. He spends the better part of his canon attempting to ovethrow the netherworld corrupterment (demon equivalent of government) and become the next president, but even that is a side goal - wht he really wants is for the netherworld to be a better place for respectable demons to live. Once he has the role, and learns that the problems the netherworld faces are more complex than a faulty corrupterment, he abandons the title of president to whoever wants it in order to pursue his real goals. As a likely former Overlord, though, he's quite adept in the world of netherworld politics, although he would likely be confused at least initially by the human equivalent.

Sample Entry:


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Thanks for applying! Now that you've been accepted, please follow the directions here.

Salu Digby isn't the character I reserved either, go team.

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Name: Red
Personal LJ: [ profile] citrinitas
Contact Info: quixoticavian at gmail dot com

Character Name: Salu Digby – Atom Girl
Character Series:

More than you ever wanted to know about it, I'm sure.


Salu was the last of the Legionnaires to appear on panel. She spent the first 11 issues being a running joke amongst the members: Atom Girl, the Legionnaire so small nobody could see her around. Most of the members thought she was non-existent for obvious reasons...they hadn't met her, and the ones who had thought it was hilarious so they kept quiet about the truth. Lyle Norg's attempts to pin his spying on her failed for obvious reasons.

Her first actual appearance was quite literally doing her best impression of a chestburster, and, for lack of a better descriptor, ripping through the shoulder of the villain of the week armed and ready. After responding that yes, she is that Atom Girl, she suggested cauterizing the would she caused with a blaster. There is a scene change at this point in which the Legion wins the battle and the universe is saved.

Immediately afterwards, in the aftermath she confronts Lyle (by which I mean surprising him when he's got his flight ring off and dangling him over the city by his collar, several hundred feet in the air) about how he blamed his spying on her and the fact she has blackmail material on him now. Turns out, however, she doesn't mind what he did...the exact opposite, really.

More time passes, and while Salu exists she doesn't do anything incredibly noteworthy. The pitfalls of being in a team book consisting of 20 members and a handful of background characters. She helps Brainiac 5 try to bring Nura back to life. She goes off on missions and fights things. There's a big epic battle and a fight to save the universe. The usual thing.

She's sent on a mission to Lallor with Shadow Lass and Timber Wolf. There they encounter the enigmatic E.R.G.-1, who is being manipulated into fighting them, though she ends up convincing him to side with the Legion instead.

Yet more things happen, but really, the sum of Salu's involvement is pretty much, 'Salu goes on missions, shoots things, punches others, gets really upset over losing a fight, and then shoots and punches and kicks some more while other people hog the majority of the screentime.' The universe is also saved again.

Point in Canon: Post-Legion of Super-Heroes the comic, pre-Legion of Three Worlds.

[identity profile] 2011-09-26 07:28 am (UTC)(link)

In one of life's little ironic moments, Salu has a major complex about being perceived as small in the eyes of others. The quickest way to piss her off is to, intentionally or otherwise, make a comment which implies that she's small. When her teammate's brother, a natural giant to whom most everyone else is small, quipped that they were like 'tiny fairies' she responded by punching him hard and flying off.

Because of this she has a tendency to...overcompensate, usually violently. Her first on-panel appearance was bursting through the shoulder of a man before it was implied that she shot him, though not fatally. At one point, she calls herself one of the 'three meanest mothersprockers on the roster' and...not only does no one in the room disagree, there's no reason in general to disagree.

This isn't to say that she wanders about and randomly punches people just for the sake of punching something and is just a wandering whirlwind of violence in general. Rather, Salu simply likes a good fight. One of the quickest ways of getting on her good side would be establishing yourself as a good sparring partner or not being afraid of getting your hands dirty in general. Not only that, but when she gets into a serious fight she's willing to fight hard and dirty if that's what it takes to win: her first on-panel appearance was her emerging from the shoulder of the villain of the week, after all, immediately afterwards being implied to shoot him. Another time, when up against a monster which was repelling the Legion's attacks and was told to do something creative, Salu responded by turning microscopic, flying into the monster, and using her blasters to kill it from the inside.

But, barring someone making small jokes, she doesn't always resort to blind violence if it's not the right thing to do. When the team discovered that E.R.G.-1 was being used, she resorted to diplomacy and not only successfully talked him out of his vendetta, but also got him to side with the Legion.

Salu really enjoys having a thick cloud of rumors and speculation as she feels that it gives her more of a presence than she might otherwise have. When she confronted Lyle about how he spied and tried to blame it on her, she ended up ultimately saying...

SALU: And then I turn out to be real and perfectly capable of saying to them, “I'm not a spy. You've got the wrong Legionnaire.” Bad break. You have any idea what I do to people who spread stories like that about me? I buy them a drink.
LYLE: Wh--? I thought you'd be—aren't you pissed?
SALU: Please. Tall tales? Myths that make me big in everyone's eyes? Kid, I love how there are always rumors swirling around about me. Gives me presence.

And ultimately she offered to forgive him, but only if he mentioned her dangling him over the city by his collar. Lyle agreed.

Salu's good with direct confrontation of the punching kind, but excels far less when it comes to interpersonal direct confrontation. When dealing with something she just doesn't want to talk about, her usual response (if pissed sufficiently) is to tell them the 31st century version of fuck off and fly off, possibly punching them before leaving. Feelings aren't really her strong suit, specifically if it touches upon themes such as her feeling scared or vulnerable.

Among the various Legionnaires, Salu has the closest relationship by far with Querl Dox, or Brainac 5. This is for a number of reasons. The big one is because Brainy saved Imsk and the planet currently exists on what appears to be a snowglobe to the average layperson, and as a result all Imskians think Brainy's amazing. But their abilities and personalities complement each other and they make for a rather impressive team. It isn't a crush, but more like what you would get if your close friend and teammate happens to be also the person who saved your civilization, and as such you know exactly what they're capable of on a deep and personal level.

Sample Entry: Testrun! ( She's also got threads here ( and here ( going.


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