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For memory-related questions, please go to its respective page.

There's a new home in town, and that island's name is Marin. You wake up on the outskirts or inside of (Memoria Arx) Sirocco, the major city. Of course, there's one slight niggling factor. Okay it's more major than that. You can't remember a thing aside from your name. Name meaning first name OR last name OR nickname OR you get the point. Friends? Family? Abilities? Nothing but a haze.

Every time there's a new arrival, the sky overhead changes, becoming another color and displaying odd weather for roughly a minute before fading. Characters are brought to the Lab, explained the basic situation of both their new affliction and the area.

As it stands, there is something of a population issue. Roughly seventy years ago, the remaining residents awoke, finding more than half the population missing in a disappearance still unexplained. Some formed groups to explore beyond Sirocco to search for survivors; those that returned reported creatures they've never seen before. Within a few years, they began to approach the city, although consistently kept away by local militia.

The population has been built back up in order to function at the level of a small city, but beyond the community and defense against current threats, there is little room left for anything else. With such a population issue, any change or improvement to be enacted is usually shot down for one of two reasons - not enough people, or not enough protection against the creatures. However, with newcomers mysteriously appearing, they can go instead, searching ruins and clearing areas for humans to move back into.

Of course, this isn't the first time newcomers have arrived, nor do they expect them to do it out of the goodness of their hearts. First, newcomers are treated as government employees for this reason and given a place to stay, food, clothing, phones in order to stay in contact, and a monthly stipend to cover other expenses. Secondly, it's been confirmed that out in the wilderness is the easiest place to find anemoi...

Is Anemoi comm-based or journal-based?
Anemoi is a comm-based game. RP posts will go in [community profile] anemoi, OOC intros, memes, hiatuses and all that go in [community profile] anemoi_ooc. In the game itself, please tag your character if they comment on a post.

How are memories tracked? What order are things remembered in?
OOCly, memories are counted as percentages. The order can be whatever you'd like it to be.

Why percentages?
Active characters are meant to recover all of their memories, ideally within a year. Percentages give a tangible progress bar OOCly.

How many characters can I app?
Currently, the limit is placed at five characters, with a maximum two from the same fandom.

What's the policy on AUs / fandom OCs / OCs?
Fandom OC's: This is currently defined as main characters whose personality changes depending on choices and actions taken by the player, for instance Commander Shepard of Mass Effect. There is suitable background, it's simply knowing what personality is taken and elaborating. We do not accept "Fandom OC's" in the sense of an original character from a canon universe.
AU's: Canon AUs are fine. For instance, DC Comics recently rebooted their franchise; playing from the older books are fine. Fanmade AU's made of speculative history are not.
OC's: We do accept OC's. Keep in mind that you will have to write out the full history for the character, including any unusual abilities the character may possess and the like.

What happens if I app a previously dropped character?
You will have the choice of either resetting the character or playing with their memories and relationships intact.

What happens when characters die?
Characters are put on the luxury train to the afterlife! Should a character want to remain living (and therefore remain in the game) all they have to do is get off the train when it makes a courtesy stop at Sirocco. If they don't get off, they will be dropped from the game.

What's activity check like?
Activity check is every two weeks. To meet it, a character needs ten comments with two characters.

Missing one activity check is a warning. Missing two in a row results in removal from the game. Missing three out of five (so warning, pass, warning, pass, warning) results in removal from the game.

My character has a degenerative condition, like a disease or gradual power loss. Does this get stopped?
Yes, but if you'd prefer to play with the condition still in place, you're free to do so.

My character has more than one set of memories. How do I handle that?
There are three approaches to this. First, both sets of memories are remembered at once. So a 1% regain would be 1% of Character A and 1% of Character B. Secondly, half and half - Character A gets 50%, Character B gets 50%. Finally, you could have Character A remember only their own memories, but remember the entirety of Character B when they remember the whole "having a second set of memories" business.

Would it be possible for people from other worlds to learn each others' magic, particularly if said magic didn't depend on an innate ability?
Yes, characters could learn each other's magic. We just ask that characters don't master new arts.

I'm kind of interested in running an AIM log, but I'm not really sure how to do it! Help?
Luckily for you, the most esteemed [personal profile] prof has written a handy-dandy guide on how to make running an AIM log easy for you and fun for your players!

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OK, so, the memories page mentions that characters start out sans abilities. Does this also apply to unconscious abilities like healing factors or, like, Cyclops's eye beams, or does it only apply to abilities one would logically have to remember to be able to use?

I've got a couple of other questions, but they're specific to the character I intend to app so remind me to assault you on AIM about it.

Also you need to turn off custom comment pages. :|

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Excellent question! By abilities, I meant things that you'd have to learn to do in the first place. For example, if someone were an excellent swordfighter, they'd either have to relearn or remember how to do so. As for natural abilities, I'm fine with those staying or some plausible excuse to need to remember them, either way.

Yeah, thought I did that. Whoops.

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Assuming someone brings their world's magic, would it be possible for people from other worlds to learn each others' magic, particularly if said magic didn't depend on an innate ability?

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Funny question, since I was going to do that for one of my characters! Yes, characters could learn each other's magic. I just ask that characters don't master new arts.

Tangent of the question which has been asked before - if two similar groups of magic are brought in, I'll handwave it, say it already works just fine, and allow the new player to bring in something else.

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I think I asked this in the wrong spot, so I'll ask here: when we're talking items that characters can get, are we talking about items with specific use, or things as simple as, say, wedding rings?

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It can be both! You can bring in something as small as wedding rings, or something as large as, say, an FFVII character wanting to bring in materia. It can be something just for your character to have or for everyone to get a chance to use.

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Hello there! I was planning on reserving a character but someone got to the reserve before me - do you guys allow app challenging?

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Elaborate? I've actually never heard the term before, is it challenging an accepted app, like the mods missed something?

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Hello, I have a question. At present, Yuri isn't interested in going out exploring (though that might change), so what kinds of jobs would be available for him in the city?

I'm planning on having him remember his legal experience first, if that makes a difference.

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Whatever job you want him to get. Us mods don't plan on getting involved in specific job openings. Easier for everyone that way.

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Can we make meme posts on the ooc comm?

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"It is easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission."

I'd rather people just go and do something than ask me each time if it's okay. I'll get involved from a mod perspective if I have to, but given my reaction to just about everything else, that's almost a non-issue at the moment.

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So from the canon point John's from, he's pretty much immortal and earned the ability to control wind, which allows him to alter to currents to make him and other things fly, making tornadoes, etc. He didn't really learn the abilities, they came naturally to him once he got them. Would those still work and would he still be semi-immortal?

And would he still have his sylladex (an inventory system that can hold a loooot of stuff) and the items within it upon arrival, or would all those items be gone when he arrives and only re-obtainable through item requests?

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I don't recall them ever showing what happens when a Godtier is "killed" but doesn't die. If you've got an idea as to how to handle that, that's all I need to know. Doing the Windy Thing is something he'd be able to do, but whether he'd remember how to do it is up to you.

He would have his own sylladex, but you'd have to request it if you wanted to play with a new one/spread it around the game. As for the actual contents, I'm trying to remember what John had last. Things like his Dad's hat are fine, SBURB constructs like the item creators, the salamanders and the Tumor aren't. Really, as long as you don't use it to bring in tons of Homestuck stuff without going through item request, I'm happy.

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So, I'm thinking of maybe apping this girl here, a jiang-shi (basically, a type of zombie), sometime in the future. Her shtick is that her brain's so rotten she tends to forget things even without amnesia, so being a corpse is essentially part of her character.

What I'm asking is will she still be dead, or will she have a fully functional living body?

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They arrive as they are to the game, so she'd still be a walking corpse. Just like a pony from My Little Pony would still be a pony when they arrive.

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If a couple of my characters missed the last activity check, and I need to go on a somewhat long hiatus, would it count as missing another activity check or character squatting or whatnot?

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This face adequately demonstrates how much I care.

But seriously, as long as you say you're on hiatus, you just get skipped over for AC. How long's hiatus looking to be?

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I have a question — where do we apply? I keep looking for it, but I just can't find anything that says where we're supposed to post our applications.

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We have links all over the place for the apps page, but here you go anyways.
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Oh, hey, idle thought I had recently, might as well ask about it.

Canon AU's are allowed, but does this extend to canon AU's of characters already in the game? To expand on the already given example, I play pre-reboot Booster Gold. If somebody wanted to, could they play Booster post-reboot, or from one of his TV appearances? Or to use something more obviously different, the male player character from Pokemon Ruby while Tenchi's playing Special's Ruby?
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Hi! I just wanted to doublecheck before we did it: A friend and I are thinking of apping in characters from the Fate/Stay franchise, both who hold the title of "Saber." Specifically the Saber from Fate/Stay Night whose real name is Arturia Pendragon and the Saber from Fate/Extra whose real name is something really long but boils down to her being the Emperor Nero.

We were wondering if, when they remember their names, they remembered them as "Arturia Saber" and "Nero Saber" instead of their full real names? Thank you!

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Pfft, okay, so here goes.

Bunny here has two sets of memories: one real (but not elaborated on in canon), one faked, and that's what we see in canon a lot, mostly because Maverick's a gigantic dick and edited his memories extensively over twenty years. As a case in point, his employee file states that he was brought up in an orphanage, something he does not remember. So, besides the events over the course of the show, we have no way of knowing which memory's real and which is faked.

Among said edited memories happens to be the one where he sees his parents die.

Anyway, what I'm trying to ask here is this: is it okay if he remembers the edited version first before the real one, for maximum trauma?
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I was wondering if it would be OK to amend my application to slightly alter Nero's canon point. I think there's more plot to be had if she remembers the events of the game and the people she met during it. This change would not affect any existing plot.
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Ahhhh, I have a quick question.

Is there some sort of status on characters who would change in personality due to losing their memories?

For instance, I was thinking of apping a character that turned into who she is (angry, violent, a social recluse) because of many years of turmoil and mental stress and general anguish, and if she lost her memories, she would virtually be a different person (calm, quiet to a degree, rational, etc). Would we be required to submit extra samples or something for this? Write an extra section on their "untouched" personality? etc.

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So... ghost characters. The ones that can normally only be seen by people with what I'm assuming is a high spiritual sense for whatever reason.

Would it be possible for the character to simply be able to be seen sometimes, but still have a tendency to up and vanish the minute a person looks away?